15+ Photos That Completely Twisted Our Reality

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Sometimes our eyes play tricks on us by creating images that don’t even exist in the first place. Our brains can connect the missing pieces of a puzzle and solve the mysteries around us. This helps our body produce dopamine, a hormone that allows us to feel pleased, motivated, and satisfied.

1. Disfigured dog or cat?

2. “Life of luxury”

3. “The dog headed boy!”

4. “Glitch in the matrix at my local coffee shop today.”

5. “When the dog looks like your slice of banana.”

6. “Cat? What cat?”

7. “My dog’s ear looks like his own face.”

8. Huge banana or oil painting?

9. “This black car looks like a mirror after being washed.”

10. “My daughter’s piece of chicken looks like a hummingbird.”

11. “My pineapple shirt lines up with my pineapple tattoo.”

12. “Dog driver”

13. “My girl and I somehow exchanged fingernail styles.”

14. “Her hair color matches the bristles of the brush.”

15. That’s a really tiny head.

16. “I sat here wondering what happened to his arm.”

For those looking to experience more mind-boggling games, check out our other articles that will play with your perception, make you believe in glitches, and remind you that strange coincidences can be right around the corner.

Preview photo credit n9-ti / Reddit, NBLSS / Reddit


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6 took me ages to find the cat and 11, what's with all the pineapple.


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