25 Photos Proving That All Families Are Equally Crazy

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3 years ago

Have you ever thought of convincing your brother that brick mopping is a thing? Well, someone did just that! We’re sure that there are people in every family who are loved for their sense of humor. Even if it’s a problem for other family members.

The Bright Side team just couldn’t ignore these funny family members and had to share these amazing pictures with you.

“My mom fell asleep in a mall.”

“My little brother worked at my shop with me today, and I convinced him that brick mopping is a thing.”

“My wife is pregnant and she thought it would be funny to take a picture of our dog’s feet looking like they were her’s...”

“I had my sister watch my cat for a couple days, and these are all the updates she sent me.”

“I asked my sister to dry my pants while I got dressed and I came across this.”

“My parents left these frames empty for too long, so I decided to fill them.”

“My boyfriend decided to take my dog to the beach today for some ’quality’ time together.”

“My mom decided to put this in the toilet and I don’t know why. Now I have constipation and nightmares from this thing.”

“My girlfriend was born without a nail on her finger.”

“So I found my brother sunbathing...”

How to choose toys for children:

“I’m buying a car from my dad for $2,500. This is how I’m giving him the money tomorrow.”

“My dad had a mop bucket, a sticker, and a vision.”

“My dad was dog-sitting my dog, and sent me this.”

“A chubby Spider-Man bumping bellies with my dad in Spain”

“I let my daughter give me a sleeve of temporary tattoos so I looked more like the other dad’s at her school...”

“My friend and his dad dressed up as each other for Halloween.”

“Told the wife I was going to get my ear pierced. She said absolutely not. Ordered a set of magnetic ones. She will flip when she gets home.”

“I asked my dad for 32 slices, and he delivered.”

“My dad just sent me this image he took while in China.”

“Hilarious poster customization by my 5-year-old daughter”

“This dad saw his daughter at our local fair and didn’t like what she was wearing.”

“My sister got pranked for her birthday...”

Proof that all relatives think in the same way

“My mom set up a store at her place. She really needs to stop.”

Bonus: “My owner is an idiot.”

Do you have funny relatives like the ones on this list? Tell us about them in the comment section below.

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Can't stop laughing! XD These families are just the best! Aren't they?

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