23 Designs That’ll Make You Feel Confused but Still Leave You Laughing

5 months ago

Bad design can be frustrating, but it can also be hilarious. When designers miss the mark, it can result in some truly funny design fails. From awkward typography to poorly placed graphics, bad design can leave us scratching our heads or laughing out loud.

1. “I feel like this is meant to be inclusive but.”

2. “The dystopic future is now.”

3. “I don’t think they understand the gravity of the situation.”

4. “Meanwhile in the world of high fashion.”

5. “The floor of a bathroom stall in a nice restaurant.”

6. “The low-hanging fruit of crappy design.”

7. “This is a bathroom at my school. This is a square room with 2 urinals next to each other. You can even close the door, but why?”

8. “One of the drawers at my doctor’s office always annoys me.”

9. “Just awful execution (before/after written on her forehead)”

10. “You make own must your decisions. What?”

11. “Tray on an Irish train. If the recess for the cup had been anywhere else, then the wheel wouldn’t block the cup. The cup holder is too small.”

12. “My favorite bar stools in the FQ.”

13. “Our house number plate.”

14. “I raise you my side-of-bus ad.”

15. “Who thought this was a good idea?”

16. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, maybe Suprome was.”

17. “Lookin’ great”

18. “This mug I made for my dad when I was 8.”

19. “It’s pretty good advice.”

20. “Just watched a guy go into the wrong bathroom at Toronto Pearson Airport. He was looking at the top sign.”

21. “This woman turning into a sushi roll”

22. “That’s how I broke my leg.”

23. “Our municipality made bike lanes for us finally!”


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