20 Design Fails That Will at Least Make You Smile

year ago

We all have a special gift. Some are born with the ability to create and innovate, but others, even after having studied design careers, make us question if they have any idea of what they are doing. On this occasion, we will witness some designs with neither utility nor logic and that are so absurd they can even make us laugh.

1. “Happy New Year!”

2. “Let’s play tic tac toe. I’ll start.”

3. “I think I’ve found the worst playground.”

4. “Saw this terrifying logo today.”

5. “Whoever sits in these seats is gonna have a hell of a view.”

6. “When you need to turn on your AC, you’ll have to open your cabinets.”

7. “The more I look at it, the more uneven it is in every way... Why?”

8. “Let’s try to make it as hard as possible to find your house.”

9. “Blurred bench”

10. “Ah, yes, my favorite doors!”

11. “When your country plays semi-finals tonight...”

12. “Yeah, that’s good enough. (Found at a restaurant I just ate at).”

13. “A bench that doesn’t drain.”

14. “Haha, got your nose.”

15. “The disabled parking at my school.”

16. “Good luck trying to get out.”

17. “Serpent Dolphin is Serphin.”

18. “Orange is the new milk.”

19. “Glowing half stars that look like underpants.”

20. “These stairs...”

To which design did you put all your dedication but did not get the expected results?


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