20+ People Whose Fortune Took a Turn for the Worse

6 months ago

Every one of us has had a bad day, where everything seems to have gone wrong. But the main thing here is to not lose heart, to stay positive, and maintain a sense of humor.

“I went to a new barber. And got this. I didn’t say anything, and even tipped her.”

“The start of my weight loss journey”

“I faceplanted onto asphalt yesterday. This is literally my nightmare.”

“It got so hot in my apartment last night, my butter melted.”

“I’ve just hung my new TV set on the wall and turned it on. Cool.”

“I got home really late, and finally got the motivation to make dinner. While putting the dressing away, my big cat came bulldozing through.”

“The first 5 minutes of my first ride of the season”

“On my first day off after working 14 days straight, the power company is doing a planned outage.”

“My puppy chewed up my hand carved coffee table I had shipped from Japan.”

“I ordered a Ben 10 action figure, and got a used baby sock instead.”

“The bag with coal ripped in the back of my car.”

“My headphones have just upgraded themselves to Bluetooth.”

“I was getting ready for bed and the soap dispenser fell off.”

“I shattered my wedding ring 2 weeks before my anniversary.”

“I thought I ordered 5 bananas.”

“I cleaned my glasses too hard. I’m at work, and don’t have a spare pair.”

“My 2-year-old was playing in the bedroom as usual today, I went to get her and found this.”

“And that was our dinner.”

“The realtor left my front door like this after a showing.”

“My girlfriend told me she had never cooked fish before. But I never expected this.”

“You know it is spring when you find a lady bug in your burrito.”

“The ‘hotdog’ served at my high school.”

Preview photo credit skz1993 / Reddit


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