25 Photos That Prove Pets Can Make Any Family Happier Than Ever

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Not only do pets brighten our drab existence with their presence every given day, but they’re actually really helpful for a family. Some researchers believe that animals can even play a significant role in different therapies, including ones for kids with special needs.

Bright Side can’t get enough when it comes to pictures that show a unique connection between pets and their owners, and we want to share them with you.

1. “When we first took her home and 22 years later”

2. A Colorado man reunited with his donkey after a fire swept through his town.

3. “Here’s my daughter and our cat, Leon. It’s my favorite picture of them, ever.”

4. “She found out our dog had to get shots.”

5. “We forgot to tell our cat that we had a baby.”

6. “Morning snuggles with my doggo and newborn twin boys”

7. “My buddy’s cat and daughter are BFFs.”

8. “My service dog in training, Ava”

9. “Potato boy getting snuggled”

10. The way this cat looks at the girl

11. “Got a new kitten who has no fear, so this is how I have to eat every meal now.”

12. “My new buddy”

13. “He’s trying to BOOP my camera.”

14. “Today was Duncan’s birthday.”

15. “Lil’ miss chubby cheeks, Henny Penny”

16. “My giant lapdog”

17. “I knew my dog loved babies, but seeing him love my own daughter makes my heart burst.”

18. “Arrived at work and noticed I had a passenger. Guess we’re going home again...”

19. “Our kitten has chosen our newborn baby as his favorite human.”

20. “Meet Oliver. Got him today and I think he likes me.”

21. “Every. Single. Time.”

22. “This is Jackson. He really doesn’t like being alone in the back seat.”

23. “Was trying to take a photo of my kid sleeping. Ended up with the greatest photo our cat has ever taken.”

24. “1 hour after I adopted him”

25. “My old girl and me in 1998 and 2018”

In what way did your pet change your life?

Preview photo credit Sooziwoo / Reddit


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