27 Crazy Shoes That Would Turn Your Wardrobe Upside Down

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5 years ago

Fashion designers regularly make shoes that are really strange and weird. For example, shoes with a cat smile or shark teeth, with flippers on the heels, with unicorn hooves, and shoes that can actually be eaten.

Bright Side has found a lot of really strange shoe pictures and chosen 27 of the most insane ones.

27. Would you like to take your pet tarantula with you anywhere you go?

26. These shoes were made with a 3D printer

25. We wonder if Kim loves this design.

24. We are not sure that chasing a White Rabbit would be comfortable in these shoes, but they’re reminiscent of the Cheshire Cat.

23. One sole is not enough.

22. These sandals are for true predators.

21. In case of a flood, you are ready to swim.

20. These shoes wouldn’t look this cool without these socks.

19. Tasty shoes

18. These are really scary — people won’t look at you from behind.

17. Okay, the previous ones were fine.

16. These shoes are literally shocking.

15. Great shoes! If only there was no foam rubber on them...

14. Turning a pair of old shoes into new ones is a great idea.

13. People will definitely notice you if you wear these.

12. This is a great example of how you can give your old shoes a new life by using Legos.

11. Or... you could just use packing tape.

10. Are you tired of boring days and dull weather? Here’s what you need:

9. When you went outside and realized it was really cold:

8. We have a feeling that this designer had a really tight schedule and couldn’t meet the deadline.

7. Crocs with built-in socks

6. We are not sure these are comfortable to wear but your floors will definitely always be clean.

5. For fans of Jurassic Park

4. Zombie shoes

3. A model for people who are trying to lose weight

2. A pair of summer shoes (in case your nails are not done)

1. We’ve always wanted to figure out how to wear these shoes. This is how!

Would you risk going out wearing any of these shoes? Tell us in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Fernando Romero, dailyhaha.com


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