27 Parents Who Can Teach Anyone to Raise a Kid Without Caring Too Much

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2 years ago

Moms and dads are a source of endless love, patience, knowledge, attention, and an incredible amount of jokes and pranks that make a kid’s childhood super fun. Internet users tell us what it’s like to have parents who think out of the box.

Bright Side has gathered 27 photos proving that only parents can rock the way they do.

“My wife was working and my daughter didn’t want me because I didn’t have breast milk so I tricked her and cut a hole in my shirt.”

Shopping level: Dad

“On my 1st birthday, my dad took a picture of me holding a beer. He put that same beer in a time capsule to save it for my 21st birthday. I opened that time capsule today.”

“How my mother wrapped a gift card.”

“My dad just learned how to use Photoshop.”

“My mom was eager to show me her Valentine’s Day present from my dad. He thinks he’s hilarious.”

This is one happy dad.

When dad went a bit too far:

Parents’ priorities are strange.

“After their first fight, my dad apologized to my mom through Polaroids.”

When parents care about other people around them:

“My parents are recent empty-nesters. I get these pictures every Wednesday.”

“Here you go, son. It’s sweet, I promise.”

“My parents won the costume contest.”

“Lesson of my life”:

“Got to −40°F today. Dad sent me this from his garage.”

“Dad sends me a photo of his computer to show me a photo of his phone that he has taken with a digital camera to ask if he has downloaded the correct app.”


“My mother knitted me one of the best sweaters of all time.”

Let the whole country know!

Underwear upgrade

“When you’re tryin’ to be a street racer but being a parent comes first.”

A child makes the best assistant.

“A tie my girlfriend’s mother got me because I’m a computer gamer.”

“This is how my kid asks to watch cartoons in the morning.”

Teach us everything you know, master!

“Had my girlfriend’s parents over for dinner for the first time and her dad wore this.”

Did your parents ever do anything this crazy? Or do you have fun with your own kids? Share with us!


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