30 Times Photographers Made Ordinary Places Look Fascinating

5 years ago

These days most of us have a smartphone camera available almost all the time, but these photographers show that great photos don’t just display a paused moment. A little luck, creativity, and ability to think outside of the well-established photography box, can turn just a nice picture into something amazing. And if it was a great photo in the first place, you could get an absolute masterpiece.

We at Bright Side selected 30 photos that show us how ordinary places might look when they’re taken through the lens of imagination and creativity.

1. Make it 3D

2. It’s worth it to spend some time and walk around to find the right angle.

3. Old streets often have a very special character.

4. Color contrasting makes photos come alive.

5. Pause for a moment and take a breath.

6. Zoom-zoom

7. Extravaganza of color and light

8. Adding people to the background give photos more personality.

9. Use natural colors to your advantage.

10. Take a look from underneath.

11. Use the “blue hour,” 20-30 minutes in the morning when the natural light becomes mainly blue.

12. The “blue hour” also can be captured in the evenings, but you don’t have much time to mess around.

13. Get a photo with your smartphone and then blend the image into the original, it may take some time and practice but the result is astounding.

14. Lines make photos dynamic.

15. Just one splash of color.

16. Playing with camera settings may give you photos that look like paintings.

17. To get a picture like this, you may have to get wet...

18. ...but it’s worth it as long as the camera stays dry.

19. The rule of thirds will never get old.

20. There is something very special about a water reflection.

21. Snow creates a unique atmosphere in a picture.

22. Finding interesting views in the distance, as the background for the main object, pays off.

23. Street lights look especially impressive with a combination of the night sky and falling snow — they add a romantic atmosphere.

24. It’s just a jetty, but how beautiful.

25. You may need to practice with ISO to get good night pictures.

26. For a starry sky, consider using a tripod.

27. Create a multi-image — it develops a visual connection between the subject and its image.

28. Just a train station...

29. When the sky, sea, and shore blend together:

30. Including blurry light in the background can add some magic to your photos.

Did you like our collection? Or maybe you have some photos to add to it? Show them to us in the comments and share this article with your friends.

Preview photo credit kallelgomes / instagram


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