5 Basic Makeup Techniques Every Woman Should Master

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9 months ago

Nowadays there are so many eye makeup options out there that it’s hard not to get lost in them.

With that in mind, we at Bright Side turned to a professional makeup artist for help. She demonstrated basic makeup techniques and helped us figure out which beauty tricks will look best on a woman depending on her features and style.

Vertical eye makeup technique

This makeup technique is suitable for narrow or medium eyes since it makes them appear wider. You can use this trick to create both evening and daytime looks. Just be careful choosing the colors for your eye makeup. For a daytime look, it’s best to use shades of one color. However, if you want to pull off a great night look, feel free to experiment with contrasting hues. Just remember a simple rule: the darkest shade of eye shadow should be applied on the outer corner of the eye.

Horizontal eye makeup technique

This method of makeup application is a real godsend for women with round or protruding eyes. As the name implies, eye shadows are applied and shaded horizontally which makes the eyes look longer and more almond shaped. You can use a contour pencil or liquid eyeliner to draw a contour of the eyelash line.

Classical (mixed) eye makeup technique

You’ll want to apply your eye shadows both vertically and horizontally for this one. The classical eye makeup technique typically uses shades of one color.

Eye pencil makeup technique

The pencil makeup technique can help to correct the shape of almost any eyes. Depending on your features, create the contour line on the lower and upper eyelids and shade it carefully. This trick will help you to align your eye lines. A shading brush should be stiff, flat, and solid in its structure. You can also use eyeliner on your waterline.

Smoky eyes

Since the main goal of this makeup technique is to produce a fantastic smoky eye effect, you should pay special attention to shading and creating a smooth transition from one hue to another. The classic smoky eye can be worn both for a night out and during the day. However, for the evening it’s better to choose warm natural colors. And one more rule: if you’re going for a dramatic smoky eye, it’s best to use a lipstick in a neutral shade so as not to appear overly made up.

Models: Anastasia Dal and Anastasia Zamulina

Makeup artist: Rimma Zaynetdinova

Preview photo credit Depositphotos
Photographer: Roman Zakharchenko for Bright Side


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