6 Budget Ideas From Amazon to Transform the Interior Beyond Recognition

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The average new homeowner spends $2,700 in the first 5 years on repairs. But you may have many reasons why you don’t want to spend so much. Perhaps you want to make your temporary housing cozy. Or maybe you want changes in the house so often that spending the entire budget on it is impossible.

Luckily, you can find great options on Amazon for a quick interior makeover without a significant investment. You can find the coolest in our selection!

1. Instead of replacing tiles, use these 3D stickers to change the look of your kitchen or bathroom.

Just cover a part of the wall with tile stickers to turn it into a bright accent! They are easy to use and visually transform a backsplash or bathroom wall. Go for a sleek solid color option or spruce up your decor with trendy monochrome or multicolor patterns without a repair team!

Promising review:

An effective, cheap, and easy alternative to tiles.
Super speedy delivery and well presented and packaged, which is always a good start. I was nervous about the application when they arrived, but the basic instructions were more than enough to explain a very simple process. As long as the first one is lined up properly at one corner of your work area, the rest just follow and line up really easily. They cut easily and adhere well, but if you do place them a little wonky, you can get them off again to do it properly. They look great, much better than I thought they would — easily mistaken for real tiles. There is a bit of a plasticky smell, but it is already fading. Would definitely recommend for a smallish or awkward space as a great cheap and less permanent alternative to tiles.
Mrs. S Hudson

Buy these stickers on Amazon.

2. Give your old furniture a chance by repainting it and replacing the handles. Chalky paint is the best choice for this purpose!

Chalky paint is a great way to turn a boring piece of furniture into a real masterpiece! You can repaint anything, from a small cabinet or door to an entire kitchen set. Most importantly, sand and degrease the surface. For better adhesion to the paint, you can also use a primer and apply it before painting.

You have endless space to be creative and experiment with soft pastels or deep and vibrant colors. To add a final touch, replace the handles and small parts!

Promising review:

Totally transformed an old pine chest.
I had an old pine chest of drawers that was roughly twenty years old. It was scratched, scribbled on (from when my children were toddlers), and had yellowed over the years — and I was completely sick of the sight of it. However, I didn’t want the expense of replacing it with a new chest nor the hassle of assembling one, so I decided to upcycle the chest with this Rustoleum chalky furniture paint and replacement antique brass knobs.
I am not a particularly skilled or experienced decorator, but the job was remarkably easy and the transformation astonishing. After deodorizing the musty old drawers (with bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar) and sanding the whole chest, I applied wood dye to the top, followed by Danish oil. I then painted the main chest and drawer fronts with one coat of the paint and, when it had dried, applied Rustoleum furniture wax to the whole unit. The chest now looks and feels like a completely new piece of furniture. I must have used only about a quarter of the can (and even less of the wax), so I plan to use the remainder on another piece of old furniture.

Buy this chalky paint on Amazon.

3. Use wall stickers to change up your design without the hassle of repainting.

The contrasting pattern can freshen up the interior, just stick stickers on the wall, and you won’t be scolded for it! You can make the pattern subtle or more active by varying the distance between the elements. In addition to graphic patterns, you can decorate the wall with inspiring lettering, floral motifs, or even mirror stickers!

Promising review:

Amazing! Worth the money!
These stickers are amazing! So easy to peel off and stick on the wall! Highly recommend them! Worth the money!

Buy these stickers on Amazon.

4. To change the look of the floor, simply lay out a large rug.

Replacing flooring requires a lot of effort, skill, and money. And if you are not ready to spend them, you can find a budget but high-quality rug that will cover most of the room. This will instantly make the space cozier and add seating space. Change the mood and style using light, dark, and even bright shades. You can also use a rug with a pattern.

Promising review:

Great, just what I wanted, such a good price. I am sick of buying expensive rugs; with my grandson, they don’t last long, so this does the job.
Mrs. Christine M. Cantrill

Buy this rug on Amazon.

5. Use curtains to decorate windows and turn an entire wall into an accent color.

Textiles are an easy way to set color accents and add coziness to the interior. You can find very budget options! A thick curtain can cover an entire wall and make it bright while adding an accent. Use curtains as a wall between rooms where there is no need to lock them.

And you can also hang a curtain instead of a built-in wardrobe door. It will be budget-friendly and very comfortable! Delicate or graphic patterns in Scandi style will instantly add warmth to the room. Even a translucent, lightweight fabric will make an empty room much cozier; just check it out!

Promising review:

Love it! Worth it.
I love the fact it’s lightweight and proper blackout. I got these in 3 colors, and they look even better in person. Photos do not do justice to the color. Highly recommend these curtains; you will not regret it.

Buy these curtains on Amazon.

6. Don’t underestimate posters! This is the easiest way to make the interior unique and personalized.

You can decorate the walls with your own drawings, photos, or postcards from friends. Or you can use a ready-made stylish group of matching posters. Depending on the style of the room, hang simple and monochrome images or decorate the wall with crazy bright colors. Spice up your wall composition with inspirational quotes to support yourself. It can even be posters of your favorite movies!

Promising review:

Very good quality.
Very good quality images in a matte finish — a wide variety of pictures, and overall creates a great feature for a wall. Stick easily with white tape.

Buy these posters on Amazon.

Do you have experience with DIY repairs? Share photos of your makeovers in the comments to inspire others!

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