6 Dishes You Can Eat at Night Without Gaining Weight

3 years ago

The good news is that scientists and doctors have suggested that it’s both beneficial and even essential to eat in the evening. But to avoid stomach heaviness, poor sleep, and weight gain, it’s important to choose products for your dinner wisely. And of course, don’t forget about the reasonable portion sizes.

We at Bright Side are in a rush to deliver this good news to people who worry about gaining weight, and we want to share the list of products that will bring you health benefits, even if you eat them at night.

Egg dishes

Eggs are a source of whole protein that contain essential amino acids and they quickly make you feel full. The best choice is eggs Benedict or simply hard-boiled eggs. Omelets and scrambled eggs are also a good dinner option, but only if you cook them with a minimal amount of oil (or no oil at all).

Cheese and grapes

A small portion of cheese is only around 100 calories, but it’ll bring you a lot of pleasure and benefits in the form of tryptophan, protein, and casein. In particular, casein can help you feel more satisfied and is good for muscle health if you taken before sleeping. A few grapes, which incidentally are rich in melatonin, will also benefit your sleep.


For people who prefer a heavier meal, we can say turkey that is a real stockpile of tryptophan and healthy protein. It’s better to choose this product instead of chicken meat because it’s easier for our body to digest it

Hummus with vegetable sticks

The basis of this dish is chickpeas. They are rich in vitamin B6 and, in turn, are important for the synthesis of serotonin. If you decide to have a late-night snack, the best addition to this rich dish is cucumber, zucchini, or carrots sticks.

Flavorful corn

For a late-night snack, it’s better to choose boiled corn instead of canned corn. This product may help remove excess cholesterol from the body. And remember that you shouldn’t add too much butter or salt to this snack.


For late-night diners, it’s better to opt for an oily fish. For example, you can choose nutrient-rich cod or flounder — the omega-3 fatty acids contained in it is famous for its ability to break down fats. The protein in fish is also good for metabolism.

What dishes do you usually have for dinner? Share your recipes with us that help you stay fit and healthy.

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