6 Hacks British Royals Use to Look Radiant

2 years ago

No famous figure escapes the public eye. And this is especially true for royalty, who must reflect an impeccable image at any social event. In addition to following protocols and traditions, they also have some simple tricks that anyone can try, to look good at all times.

At Bright Side we investigated the different strategies used by royals for those who want to always look flawless at social events.

1. Use of bright colors to highlight

Queen Elizabeth II makes sure she can be easily identified from any point by wearing bright colors, which help her to not get lost in the crowd. This is a great tip if you never want to go unnoticed, as bright shades are a great option to leave a mark in people’s memories and be quickly identifiable.

2. Hair clips to hold hair in place

A trick that has been seen on more than one occasion on the Duchess of Cambridge is the use of transparent hairnets so that her hair does not get in her face or get messed up. That way, she keeps her hairstyle put and makes it easier to gather her hair into a bun. And to reflect a beautiful mane when she wears it loose, she is thought to resort to rollers to achieve a natural wave.

3. Hats positioned in a certain way to highlight faces

Before the 1950s, it was very rare to see a royal woman not wearing a hat. However, times have changed, and now, this accessory is mostly seen at formal events. Of course, each person wears a model to their liking: while Queen Elizabeth II can always be seen wearing one in the same color as her dress, the Duchess of Cambridge opts for more subtle models. And to prevent the brim from overshadowing their faces, they raise them slightly forward.

4. Hair braided over tiaras to prevent them from falling out

The tiara is the classic accessory of royal women who usually wear it at formal evening events. But to prevent it from sliding down their heads, they braid part of their hair over it. Some tiaras even have an elastic or wire covered by a band similar to the color of the person’s hair so that only the top of the design shows through.

5. Positioning bags to avoid awkward greetings

The Duchess of Cambridge is accustomed to using a small handbag in moments where giving a handshake can be uncomfortable. That is why she always holds it in front of her body with both hands. On the other hand, Queen Elizabeth II often moves her handbag from side to side to indicate when she no longer wishes to engage with someone in conversation.

6. Gloves provide protection during greetings

Along with her iconic hats and bright clothing, Queen Elizabeth II is also known for wearing her classic white gloves. In addition to the aesthetic use, these also help protect her limbs from all the handshakes she has to give at public events.

The flip side of the coin was Princess Diana, who broke with the glove tradition because she wanted to be in direct contact with the people she shook hands with.

What tricks or accessories do you usually use to look flawless? Would you try some of these royal tips?


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2 years ago
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I have never thought that hairstyles are used to hold tiaras


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