6 Laundry Hacks That Will Change Up Your Washing Routine

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2 months ago

You maybe wonder what can be so difficult about washing clothes in a washer? However, every now and then we get not so good results like still dirty shirts or holes on our favorite T-shirts. Also, a washing machine tends to break down for some unknown reason. So, to save some time and money, as well as to prolong the life of your clothes, remember these useful tips.

Utilize the benefits of microfiber.

Lint is gray “fluff” that is especially noticeable on dark clothes. The reason why it appears are small fibers that separate from one garment and settle on the surface of another.

A small microfiber cloth will help you get rid of lint. Add it into the drum and start washing, and during the drying process the lint will stick to the cloth.

Check the condition of the drum.

The washing machine that doesn’t work properly can result in holes in your clothes. A nylon stocking or sock can help you figure out whether the machine is the culprit.

Run it around the inside of the empty drum. If the stocking is not torn, the washing machine does not make holes and does not tear clothes. If it is torn, you should call an engineer.

Put a sponge into the washer.

People who have a cat or dog know quite well that their pets’ hair remains on clothes even after washing. But this problem can be minimized. Just put a clean dishwashing sponge into the drum together with your laundry — animal hair will stick to it.

Put shoes into a laundry bag before sending them to the drum.

Many people machine-wash their sneakers which is fine. But it’s best to wash them in a special laundry bag. By the way, shoes can be washed with the laundry of the same color and texture, for example, with thick towels or jeans.

Add mouthwash to the drum.

To clean the drum from bacteria and germs, you can use a simple and affordable remedy — mouthwash. This product that is designed to make our breath fresh can easily remove unpleasant odors from the drum of the washing machine. You just need to pour the mouthwash into the empty drum and run one wash cycle.

Clean the detergent drawer.

To clean the drawer from dirt and bacteria, you need to put 2 cups of white vinegar and about 20 drops of essential oil into it, and then run a wash cycle. You can also use tea tree essential oil which has antifungal properties.

The right habits and sensible organization of household work can do wonders.


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