7 Brainteasers That Can Help You Find Lost Things Quickly

2 years ago

Do you always have to look for your keys or phone, or maybe you couldn’t find your second sock today? We can help you. These brainteasers where lost things need finding will train both your brain and your vision. There will be nothing lost in your home again.

Bright Side put together the most interesting brainteasing exercises for you that will help you find things even when they don’t seem to exist at first look.

1. Where is the farmer’s wife?

The farmer is very upset because he can’t find his wife. Help him find her. The man feels that she’s somewhere around.

2. A killer on a stakeout

The bodyguard of one man from the group of gentlemen in the background is hiding. Find him, only he can save his boss.

3. Look for the astronomer

The astronomer left without saying good-bye. The children are sure that he’s still inside the room. Help them to find him, only he can solve the mystery of the Big Dipper.

4. Help the geese

A sly fox sneaked into the farm and began to kill geese mercilessly. But it doesn’t know that there’s a kennel here just for this purpose. Help to save the geese and find the one who will make the predator go away.

5. Danger for the hunter

When hunting moose, Steven doesn’t suspect that there is danger waiting for him. Find this threat and save the hunter.

6. Death of the goose

While on a walk, these geese don’t even suspect what might happen to them the very next minute. Hurry to find the threat and save the poor birds.

7. What do we have for dinner?

The chef can’t remember where he put the meat he was supposed to cook for dinner. Find the animal that will be served for dinner as the main dish.









Which picture turned out to be the most complicated for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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