7 Celebrities Who Actually Have Blue Blood Running Through Their Veins

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Days, months, and years pass by, you eat cereal in your PJs, watch Netflix, and go to work, then, all of a sudden, you realize you belong to royalty. These celebrities accidentally discovered their royal relations and never even dreamed of being distant family with Queen Elizabeth II, for example.

Bright Side explains how these 7 famous personas got their royal roots.

1. Ellen DeGeneres

As surprising as it might seem, American comedienne, Ellen DeGeneres, is Kate’s distant cousin. In 2011, Ellen discovered that she was her 14th cousin twice removed. The duchess refuses to acknowledge the relation.

2. Cindy Crawford

Cindy was surprised to discover that she directly descended from European royalty. To be precise, she’s the 41st-generation great-granddaughter of Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne.

3. Ralph Fiennes

Ralph is the 8th cousin of Prince Charles. They’re related through James II of Scotland, who reigned in the 1400s.

4. Kit Harrington

In fact, not only Kit but also his wife, Rose Leslie, has royal ties. Kit’s relation to King Charles II goes through his paternal grandmother, Lavender Cecilia Denny, whereas Rose got the relation through her mother and even grew up in a castle!

5. Guy Ritchie

© Ga Fullner / Shutterstock.com, GEORGE ROGERS/SIPA/SIPA/East News

Kate’s ancestry is quite extensive, and Guy Ritchie happened to appear in it too. He’s her 6th cousin. Unlike Ellen, Guy is acknowledged and was even invited to the royal wedding of Kate and William. “A friend of Prince William and Miss Middleton” is what was written on the guest list.

6. Brooke Shields

A beautiful and well-round American actress is actually the 18th cousin once removed of Elizabeth II. Their link goes to King Henry IV of France.

7. Justin Bieber

Justin is thought to be a distant relative of Camilla Rosemary Shand, the Duchess of Cornwall. They both share their distant cousin Céline Dion and are related through French Canadian settlers.

Who are your ancestors? Would you like to be royalty?


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