7 Reasons Why One of Your Legs Can Become Shorter

4 years ago

While this is rare, it’s entirely possible for a person’s legs to be different lengths. People are often born with it, but it’s a little hard to detect until they are older. Many people have this problem because of some incidents that either stunted their leg or made it grow unevenly. Other times, there is simply no known reason.

We at Bright Side want to keep you informed about your health, so we are sharing all the reasons one of your legs could be shorter than the other.

1. Bone injury

broken leg can end up growing in a different direction, especially if it broke in multiple pieces or if the muscle tissue was harmed. What’s interesting is that breaking a bone doesn’t always stunt a bone, there are times when the healing process makes a bone grow abnormally large.

2. Sports-related injuries

Children can especially risk stunting the growth of their limbs while playing sports, since they have growth plates that become solid bone once they reach adulthood. Contact sports, like football or soccer, and simple recreational games, like skateboarding and skiing, are especially risky.

3. Excessive use of limbs

When playing sports, simply overusing your arms and legs can put chronic stress on your limbs. Doing this with your arms can cause something known as “Little League Shoulder.” Just remember, sports aren’t bad, just avoid playing the same one all year round.

4. Falls

General accidents, like a fall or a collision, can impact bones in different ways, and the trauma can especially hurt bone growth plates in children. Accidents can also injure a person’s spinal cord, which itself, can lead to severe bone loss.

5. Risky activities

Many common childhood activities, even things like jumping on an inflatable or a trampoline, can be riskier than people realize. Trampoline games are known for causing falls, fractures, and even serious spinal injuries. Always make sure your kids’ activities are safe and well-monitored.

6. Uneven posture

You might have heard that bad posture can cause your legs to be uneven, but only in appearance. Despite popular belief, uneven posture can only cause postural scoliosis, which doesn’t actually hurt or deform a person’s bones, and is completely reversible with proper training and exercise.

7. Diseases

There are plenty of conditions and illnesses that impact the way bones grow, like tumors that can grow on bone plates or cartilage growths on the bones. Even diseases that impact the nervous system can stunt bone growth.

What are some other leg-related issues you’ve encountered? Please share your stories with us in the comments!


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Now I get why I feel like one of my legs is shorter than the other one. I've always been sitting in the posture


I had a bone injury once and indeed, I've got a leg shorter than the other one LOL


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