8 Habits That Can Put Your Cat at Risk

2 years ago

Cats are highly intelligent and very curious creatures. They have certain common habits like drinking water from the faucet or playing with plastic bags that, at first, we don’t think can cause any harm. But you’d be surprised at how some of these things may actually turn out to be dangerous for them.

We at Bright Side have gathered 8 things that you shouldn’t allow your cat to do — for their own good!

1. Drinking tap water

While hydration is just as essential for cats as it is for people, letting your pet drink water from the tap might not be the best idea. Some town water supplies contain additives like fluoride, bacteria, and pesticide residue. Those compounds have the potential to harm your pets’ health. So, if your cat is drinking from the faucet, consider investing in a drinking fountain or a water filter.

2. Eating human food

A lot of cats will beg for human food, especially when they see you eating. According to veterinarians, this is not recommended. The main reason is that lots of foods we eat, while harmless to us, can make your cat really sick. Onions, chocolate, dairy, and grapes, are a few examples. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on what your furry friend is eating.

3. Chewing on plants

Although cats are considered to be strictly carnivores, they may also sometimes nibble on plants. However, a lot of popular houseplants, like lilies and tulips, are poisonous to cats.

If you own a cat and plan on getting some plants, spend some extra time making sure they’re cat-friendly. But, if you already have plants around your house and plan on getting a cat, it’s best to keep them away from your greenery.

4. Messing with household items

You might be surprised to know that some basic everyday items lying around your house could be dangerous to your kitten. Earplugs, string, thread, rubber bands, and hair ties are a few examples. All these items are easy for them to swallow and can cause intestinal obstructions. It’s best to keep these stored away and out of your furry companion’s reach.

5. Playing with window blinds and cords

The dangling ends of curtains or window cords are like open invitations for your cat to play. However, even just crawling between the drapes can make your kitty get tangled in them and start to panic. The best way to avoid this is to tuck the cords up high and out of reach, so they cannot see or reach them.

6. Eating catnip

Cats really like their catnip, because it makes them playful and excited. While this herb is considered to be safe, too much exposure to catnip can make your cat nauseous or cranky, so, consider keeping this treat for special occasions only.

7. Messing with plastic bags

Some cats can’t seem to get enough of playing in plastic bags. Whether it’s the sound they make or the smell of food that was in the bag, kitties have fun playing in them. There are a few reasons why this can become a problem though, like swallowing a foreign object that may obstruct its airway or even getting stuck in the bag’s handles. It’s best to keep plastic bags away from your pet and store them in cat-free spaces.

8. Drinking milk

You may have heard that cats and milk go hand-in-hand, but as it turns out, a lot of cats are actually lactose intolerant. The only time in a kitty’s life when its body can properly digest lactose is at birth and during its early years of life. But don’t worry, giving them water instead is perfectly fine.

Does your cat have any of these habits?


my cats LOOOOOOVE eating my food and 1 of my cats will eventually help himself to my meal if I don't give him any right away

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