8 Reasons Why the Oldest Child Deserves Special Respect

4 years ago

Firstborns are undoubtedly special children who change lives forever. They’re the ones who give people the great gift of parenting and later light up their lives every other day. According to Adler’s theory, the oldest children are usually the most responsible and reliable and they are someone every parent must have in their life.

Here at Bright Side we admire all the oldest children and would like to thank you on behalf of the whole wide world because you guys rock!

1. They taught you the lessons you missed.

When you have your first child, you see a whole new meaning of life, and in some ways a second life as well. You have to go through many life challenges again, now side by side with your baby. You’re making many mistakes but also learning to correct them and the child was the reason to grow and overcome all the difficulties even if it seemed impossible to do. But while you’ve taught your firstborn a lot, the child has probably taught you even more.

2. They’ve grown too early.

Oldest children are not yet adults but they’re not kids anymore either. When they get a younger sibling, there’s no other choice for them other than to grow up and take the position of a responsible and sensible person. Moreover, they start to hear the phrase, “You’re a big kid now,” more often, and when they hear it on a daily basis, they become exactly that.

3. They’re wiser than they’re supposed to be.

The compulsion to grow up faster leads the eldest child to become smarter. They look up to adults as no one else does because they feel a sense of responsibility. They’re stuck somewhere in between a grown-up and a kid, and often serve as a guide between the 2. Seeking them for support and seeing the oldest kids as grown-ups, parents quite often engage them in adult problems. With time, they even become advisors and parents start listening to them and value their opinion.

4. They do more than they should.

Kids who have younger siblings do way more than their friends who don’t have any. They have more chores and more responsibility, and they don’t completely own their free-time since they share it with other kids. When in a family with only one child, he or she can relax after doing the dishes and cleaning their room while those with younger kids can’t calmly read a book because there’s always someone to look after, someone to help, and someone to play with. And they’re fine with it — well, most of the time.

5. They’re your best helpers.

It’s just impossible to handle everything, especially when you have several children to keep an eye on. We only have 2 hands, but your firstborn has 2 more and they help you as much as they can. They’re the best nanny to the younger kids and serve as your right hand and your life savior when you need some help.

6. They’ve got their siblings covered.

It’s a privilege to have an older sibling because they’ve already been through most of the things that the younger ones will have to face and by making their mistakes first, they’ve got their backs. Big brothers and sisters are ready to share their life hacks, starting with helping with homework and sharing, revealing which teachers are the nicest, and teaching life lessons with great advice. And there’s nothing better than always having someone older to talk to when you don’t feel like talking to your parents.

7. They’re selfless.

It’s probably impossible for the oldest child to be selfish. They’ve become used to thinking about others because that’s what they’ve been doing most of their lives. They’re ready to share the last piece of candy and probably shared all of their toys ages ago. They’re proud of their siblings and happy for them, and although they do tease them from time to time, they’re often their best cheerleaders.

8. They’re the best possible big brothers and sisters.

You probably won’t deny your oldest sibling is the best old brother or sister to the other kids in your family. While they may just be a kid, they take great care of their siblings, really love them and really play with them, unlike many adults. Generous, caring, witty and fun, they’re a great example and the best role models to look up to. And if you did something right one time, the others will follow on the same path.

Do you have older siblings? What was the best part about having them? Share your love and experiences in the comments and don’t forget to tag your siblings and tell them that you love them!

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In my case, I'm the oldest and we definitely have to grow faster when a new baby arrives. It's not easy though, but I'm happy I got to experienced this whole older-sister situation


Sadly my younger sister is the clear favorite at home.. and we don't really get along, so I don't agree with all the points in this article!


I agree! I'm the oldest in my family so I completely agree :D


I am the elder.

It Has been a pleasure to grow with you and learn along the way what makes a person the best, Sue. We faced the most difficult parts together and we’ve always had each other’s back. I’ve always found it hard to let you go on your journey alone but I knew that you would manage it. You will remember before me and I learnt so much from you. So we actually did a reverse for awhile I’m so proud of you Sue, Sue and your accomplishments especially your four children. As I am very proud of my little family of two children. Yes ...


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