8 Rental Friendly Decor Ideas From Amazon That Look Amazing

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Houses become homes when they carry pieces of the people who live inside them. However, since we live in rental houses, it can be difficult to decorate the space without making permanent decisions. Therefore, we need to find pieces that we can carry out with us when we move. Keep reading to make some changes in a rental house because this article has exactly what you need.

1. Not every home has favorable tiles when you move in. Even in a rental home, it’s simple to modify that with these tile stickers.

4.4 out of 5 stars

These tile stickers are easy to use. You just peel the sticker and apply it to the area you want. Since the tiles are removable, you’re free to design them however you’d like. They are waterproof, which makes them suitable for kitchens and bathrooms, along with furniture, fireplaces, etc. Also, there are various pattern options you can choose from or even mix.

Promising review: These are great. Clean the wall tiles, making sure there is no residue left and no particles. I unpeeled one upper corner of the backing and aligned it with the top and corner of the tile. Then it’s easy to unpeel the rest, but smooth it lightly in case you have to reposition it.
If you’ve got it right, use a credit card to remove any air pockets. You can use your thumbs or a pad to make sure it’s all stuck down firmly. The stickers are quite thick and can be easily cleaned. They really look good on my white tiles. In fact, I’ve ordered 2 more packs to extend them above the worktops.
All in all, a very good purchase. @billy72

2. Please put that drill down. You don’t want to create holes in the walls of your rental space. We have a better idea. These hooks can help you hang items you want without the hassle.

These hooks won’t leave a trace since they’re damage-free. They will have a strong hold even though they don’t require nails, screws, or drills. One hook can hold up to 1.3 kilograms.

Promising review: I’ve been screwing hooks into walls for 40 years, using Rawlplugs and butterfly hooks, and taking ages to get out the drill. Well, I bought new doors and didn’t want to damage them, so I bought these adhesive hooks. They are unbelievable. I got blasé and started overloading them.
The hooks are on the back of the door, inside a cupboard. They have stuck on like they are bolted on, and I cannot recommend them enough. So this is the story of my precious purchase of the same product 2 years ago! Yes, it’s been 2 years and they haven’t moved. So this purchase is for other doors, and I know without a doubt that I’ve bought the best self-adhesive hooks you can buy anywhere. @James Edwards

3. There is no need to turn all the lights on when you want to read in bed. With these lights, you can control the brightness, and you can adjust them however you’d like.

4.5 out of 5 stars

The dimmable lamp’s touch switch is made to function with 3 dimmers: 1 touch for “low,” 2 for “medium,” 3 for “high,” and 4 for “off.” You may modify the light source’s direction with the movable magnetic head design, depending on your requirements. There is a sizable internal rechargeable battery in this cordless light. It is functional both with and without a USB connector.

The wall lights provide gentle, natural light and include 12 anti-glare beads. It doesn’t bother the eyes and is really mild on them. The magnetic mount is included with a powerful 3M adhesive, so you may place it anywhere. No tools are needed to install it.

Promising review: There’s nothing at all about this product that I don’t like. As I rent, I cannot drill holes in my walls to add ambient lighting, which I prefer. These meet all my requirements: adhesive, substantial, variable brightness, warm or cool light, and with the wonderful addition of a magnetic ball joint, they can be angled for both focus-oriented work and the improvement of background ambiance.
It charged easily with the included lead, feels substantial, and looks modern. At a well-placed price point, it hit that sweet spot. I would not have bought it if it had been more expensive. Well done. @Designer

4. If the floor of the house you are renting is covered with a carpet that you don’t like at all, and your landlord is very meticulous about this carpet, you can revive the floor with smaller rugs. This rug has many color options that you can choose from.

4.5 out of 5 stars

Charcoal, anthracite, beige, taupe, light blue, duck egg, silver/light gray, dark gray, purple copper/terracotta, red and cream, gold, and other colors are among the available variations for this rug. There are 4 different sizes for the bedroom rug: 60 cm x110 cm, 80 cm x150 cm, 120 cm x170 cm, and 160 cm x 230 cm.

Due to its rich pile, this rug is easily spot cleaned or vacuumed. These large carpets may be washed and dried by hanging. They are made to swiftly absorb water and quickly dry for a fresh appearance. You can use a carpet cleaner, and it has to be quickly and uniformly dried.

Promising review: Arrived in 48 hours (even on Christmas)! I’ve been searching on Amazon for a long time for a living room rug. I struggled to find one with mostly good reviews. When I found this one, reading the reviews, I thought it was a dead cert. It came so quickly, even better than I expected.
The pile is so thick! The color is exactly as described! Yes, it comes rolled up, but it just needs flattening. All you need to do is lay it down with some double-sided carpet tape. Job done! I’m beyond happy! @Melanie

5. If you want to have more storage space but don’t want to deal with hooks or shelves, this over-the-door storage will come in handy.

4.5 out of 5 stars

The 4 spacious pockets on this over-the-door storage unit may be used to house whatever item you choose, including toys, diapers, scarves, magazines, etc. It has 2 strong metal hooks and is composed of durable polyester for strength and longevity.

Promising review: It has really good quality. I wanted some extra storage around a dressing table in my daughter’s bedroom. These fit perfectly. Don’t make the same mistake I did... the bottom of each pocket has gray, rigid inserts. There was also a pile of small, brown cardboard rectangles. Because Amazon packages seem to come with so much packaging for even the smallest of items, I assumed these were just that.
Packaging. No. These are the sides of the pockets to keep them rigid. I realized my mistake when I purchased a second one, having already thrown the cardboard from the first one out! Without them, they are still rigid, but they are better with them. @Lynn

6. Mirrors add a great decorative touch to houses. In order to avoid hanging, you can go for floor mirrors, just like this one.

4.6 out of 5 stars

The mirror’s dimensions are 165 cm x 54 cm, allowing you to see your whole body. It may be leaned up against a wall or hung on the wall. They are strong because of their continuous iron structure.

Promising review: There is nothing to dislike. Absolutely stunning. Crystal clear. It looks stunning in my living room. 5 stars, excellent. @Cee

7. If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, but you want a place to rest while reading in bed or binge-watching your favorite show, there is no drilling option for you. This pillow will act like a headboard and let you have a backrest.

4.3 out of 5 stars

The triangle backrest pillow’s cover is composed of breathable, soft to the touch, wear-resistant, quality, 3-dimensional velvet fabric. All you have to do to remove the pillow cover is unzip the pillow, remove the cover, and unbutton it. This big triangular cushion is ergonomically made to support the back’s natural curve and provide the upper body with the best possible elevation. It can ease the strain on your shoulders and back and offer the right support as you read or take a nap.

Promising review: I bought this headboard pillow for extra back support on my queen bed. I wanted something a bit higher than a standard body pillow. This pillow is perfect! It is exactly what I was wanting. It is tall, supportive, and luxurious-feeling. I’m really enjoying it.
It would make a great bolster pillow for any type of seating as well. The fabric is a plush corduroy that is incredibly soft; it feels lovely against bare skin. I like that the cover is removable for washing. One feature that I didn’t even notice when I bought it but is very clever and convenient is the pocket on the end. They are wide enough that I can put my Kindle in it without having it fall under my bed like it usually does.
The color looks just like I expected it to from the product photos. The gray is a dark gray color that can take on a silvery appearance, much like velvet, depending on how the fabric is brushed. It matches well with my other bedding. I highly recommend this pillow. It is the nicest one I have ever had for my headboard. @***Phoenix***

8. You can achieve a stylish kitchen with small touches. If your house has boring cabinets, you can liven them up by changing out the dull knobs for colorful ones.

4.8 out of 5 stars

A set of 10 ceramic door knobs in an old-fashioned, retro design are included. They have a silver chrome contrast rear plate and are a retro multicolor classic pair. They may be used in cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedroom furniture, cupboards, and kitchen appliances, among other things.

Promising review: We bought these handles for our new kitchen. It has really excellent quality and value for the price. @Paul Ward

If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would your home be?

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