8 Signs of Lying That Can Help You to Avoid Deception

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2 years ago

Approximately 60% of adults can’t have a 10-minute conversation without lying at least once. At the same time, no one wants to be cheated. For this case, scientists studied some things to find out how you can detect a liar.

We at Bright Side did some research and found some tactics for how you can recognize that someone is lying to you.

1. They use too many gestures with their hands.

“The mind is doing too many things, including making up a story, figuring out if they’re being believed, and adding to the story accordingly,” an expert says. You can also notice that gesturing happens after a statement in comparison to normal gesturing, which might happen just before the speech.

study discovered that liars are more likely to gesture with both hands. So next time, pay attention to gestures if you feel a person isn’t being honest with you.

2. They don’t say enough or say too much.

Researchers came to the conclusion that if you ask a question, liars will offer fewer details than those who tell the truth. There is an absence of descriptive words in a conversation with dishonest people.
Truth-tellers try to stick to the same story each time, while liars often create a different story while not adding details.

On the other side, it was determined that liars try to stretch the truth with a number of words. Their speech can be hectic but without important information.

3. They tend to point a lot.

“When a liar becomes hostile or defensive, they are attempting to turn the tables on you.” They try to make you wrong and focus on your lack of trust. Liars can threaten you about not believing them.

4. They tend to shuffle their feet.

Shuffling the feet can also be a sign of lying. Fluctuations in the autonomic nervous system happen while deceiving. People just get nervous.

5. They tend to show a delay.

“If someone waits more than 5 seconds to answer a question, that’s a pretty good sign of deception,” an expert says. Liars also tend to suppress their emotions. Please pay attention to if the slow speech is due to the person being tired or if it’s just their normal slow way of talking. In either of these cases, don’t rely on a delay to detect a liar.

6. They use diversion tactics.

The diversion tactic includes:

  • Jumping mid-sentence to another topic
  • Using sentences that don’t make sense to confuse you
  • Answering with another question: “Why would I do that? I’m an honest person.

7. They tend to move more with the left side of their lips.

Pay attention to lips while you’re talking to a person. The left side of a liar’s smile can be more movable than the right side, reminiscent of a sneer.

8. They use words that convey negative emotions.

Liars tend to use more negative speech. They look nervous and complain, while truth-tellers are more cooperative. You can hear more words with negative emotions, such as sad, hate, or worthless.

How do you usually detect a liar? How do you behave with people who always lie?


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Liars will also look to the left as they are making things up. when someone looks to the right they are using the Recall part of the brain. And yes, l can usually pick them.


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