9 Amazon Finds That Can Help You Keep Your House Sparkling Clean With Little Effort

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The less time you spend cleaning your house, the more time and energy you have for little pleasures, like spending time with your family or cooking your favorite food. Amazon can help you save as much time and effort as possible with all the ingenious cleaning products and tools it offers. We’ve prepared this shopping list so that you could choose the best items for your household. It includes everything it takes to keep your house sparkling clean with no stress, from clever scrubbing brushes that can fight the most stubborn of stains to cooking oil solidifiers.

1. Do you have trouble getting rid of the leftover oil after cooking your favorite deep-fried dishes? This cooking oil solidifier can easily solve this problem. After this product does its thing, the leftover oil becomes solid, and you can just throw it away in the trash instead of pouring it down the drain or using cans and jars.

The product is made from non-toxic and eco-friendly ingredients. The package contains 2 sachets that should be enough to treat 2 large fryers, 4 compact fryers, 4 chip pans, or 4 woks.

Promising reviews:
This product does what it says on the box! It’s fantastic, I was going to throw my fryer away, as it was disgusting and a nightmare to clean, but this has made it so much easier! Will 100% buy again and recommend it to everyone! @Phoenix

Looked at the reviews, and tried it myself. No more trying to pour the oil into a jar. It goes hard very quickly, then just scoop it out, and give the base a quick clean. I will be buying more due to the fact I love my battered fish and chips. @Robert Edwards

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

2. With this set of 6 scrubbing sponges, making your dishes, kitchen, and bathroom sparkle can become so much easier. The 2 sides of each sponge have different scrubbing levels for different cleaning purposes. Thanks to their design and materials, these sponges can help you get rid of stubborn stains without damaging the surfaces being cleaned.

The sponges are soft, so they can easily adjust to various shapes of the objects you’re cleaning.

Promising review: The product comprises 6 washing-up sponges. The sponges are longer and slightly thinner than your standard washing-up sponges. The main color is silver/gray, but the edges are either yellow or blue (3 of each color). The sponges are curved/indented in the middle, making them easy to grip.
They have 2 scouring surfaces, with one side softer than the other. Neither scouring surface is very harsh, making it really good for washing non-stick pans and other more delicate items. I use the sponge to wipe down my countertops and hob with no problem. The sponges are tough and last a good amount of time before needing to be replaced. One sponge lasted me about 6 weeks (and I don’t have a dishwasher, so I wash up everything by hand).
They are very absorbent and can hold a lot of water. I also find that food doesn’t become trapped in the sponge, so they continue to look good after many uses. The sponges are a little more expensive than your standard wash-up sponges, but they do outlast them, so over time you get better value for money. I really like the fact that the scouring surface is an integral part of the sponge and doesn’t tear away from the sponge, which can happen with other brands. @Dr K A Hands

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

3. This ingenious cleaning tool will not leave any scratches on surfaces that need special attention, like glass or ceramic stovetops. The tool can gently cut through the toughest, burned-on food, grease, and grime, leaving no trace on the surface.

The item is designed to provide the perfect angle for effectively cleaning large areas containing spilled food and stains.

Promising review: On my glass stovetop and oven door, this non-scratch cleaning tool worked wonders on stubborn burnt-on spots. The tool has a wide range of applications. It’s also come in handy for removing residue after peeling a sticker from glass, as well as wiping up small paint splashes and watermarks on my shower glass door. It’s easy to use and comes with 15 extra blades that can be changed easily. Because it’s so sharp, I like that it has a retractable blade, which makes it more protected and safer. @K R S

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

4. There’ll be no place in your house that you won’t be able to clean with this telescopic cleaning tool. Its extendable handle will help you reach any area with ease. The tool has 3 attachments designed for different purposes: a sponge scrubber, a microfiber cleaning pad, and a bathroom mop head.

A durable hook and loop system makes changing the attachments quick and easy.

Promising reviews:
Being elderly, I am finding it increasingly hard to get down to clean my shower tray, etc. This is such a useful little tool, it reaches into every nook and cranny. It arrived quickly in paper packaging (which was really good). Thank you so much, I will happily recommend it. @Jean SHROPSHIRE

I bought a telescopic cleaner back in May to use downstairs and have now bought another one to keep upstairs, as it is very useful for lots of different cleaning jobs. The triangular head gets into corners with ease! @Sandra

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

5. This versatile cleaning sponge can become your best household helper. The design of its handle absorbs pressure and protects the knuckles, making the cleaning process less tiresome. The sponge has stiff and gentle bristles that scrub away dirt, grime, and mildew.

This tool can be efficiently used for cleaning bathtubs, floors, and sinks.

Promising reviews:
This is really lightweight and easy to hold. I suffer from arthritis in my hands, and this made cleaning easier than holding a normal cloth or sponge. You can rinse it after use, and the scourer still works well. I’ve used it on my bath panel after my daughter dyed her hair, and it brought it up clean, I also used it on the tub and tiles all with good results. @AnnMac

Pleased with it. It’s a good size scrubber pad and should last quite a while. The handle makes it easier to use. I recommend it. @Nigel Shannon

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

6. Do you have trouble getting rid of pesky cobwebs? With this extendable duster, cobwebs located in the highest and the hardest-to-reach areas won’t stand a chance. This tool is perfect for cleaning ceiling fans and blinds. Made of high-quality microfiber materials and stainless steel, the tool does not rust and is durable.

The telescopic pole of the duster can reach 100 inches when fully extended, so you won’t need to use chairs or dangerous ladders to climb on while cleaning.

Promising reviews:
This is a strong, effective cobweb remover. It closes down to a small size, so storing it and carrying it around is not cumbersome. I found it easy to hold and balance whilst removing cobwebs and dust, including when fully extended. Shakes out well. Washes for re-use well. Great product. Highly recommend. @Kate

So, wow. The reach is very long and that is what I needed. Nice thick duster head. It is sturdy, but the longer the reach is, there is a bit of bend or wobble. But not enough for it to lose its stability. Overall, very happy. @Melina_me

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

7. This spray mop with 3 washable pads is perfect for cleaning hardwood, laminate wood, and ceramic tiles. The microfiber mop pads feature millions of microscopic fibers that can easily grab dirt, dust, pet hair, and crumbs.

The mop has extendable poles. You only need to press the trigger on the handle to get the water mist.

Promising reviews:
Wish I had bought one earlier. The reviews are spot on. Fantastic product. Saves getting the mop out when the floors just need a quick freshening-up. Very quick to set up each time and the pads wash brilliantly. Kids are also happy to use it, which is a bonus! Thoroughly recommend. @Meg

This is the best buy for me due to being so easy to use, but absolutely fantastic for cleaning my floors. For today’s busy lifestyles, you really can’t go wrong with one of these. Much better than more expensive brands, wish I’d bought this sooner — it would have saved me a lot of time and effort. @Nabsy

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

8. Unblock the drains easily and without stress with the help of this cleaning brush. The brush is flexible and can change its shape to adjust to the water pipes to clean out garbage, hair, and other obstructions.

Materials: iron wire and plastic bristles

Promising reviews:
I used this after unsuccessfully trying to unblock the kitchen sink with chemical solutions 3 times. It caught the blockage and easily brought it up. I have no problem recommending this product. @simonetta wallace

Wow, this product is fab, it catches even the smallest hairs. I absolutely love it, no more costly plumber call-out bills. @Andrea Glasgow

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

9. This washing brush with 4 scrubbing heads and a soap dispenser is versatile and durable. Just choose the needed cleaning head, fill the cavity at the end of the handle with soapy liquid, screw the cap on, and start cleaning!

Its long handle will help you avoid coming in direct contact with the washing agent you’re using.

Promising reviews:
A very good set of brushes, useful for many purposes. Good-looking and good quality. Value for money. @Poodle Plus

These brushes are some of the best I’ve ever had. They look good, work hard, and are very durable. I’ll definitely buy them again when these finally wear out. @JLport

Buy this item on Amazon HERE.

What are your favorite cleaning products and tools? Which of these items would you like to try and why?

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