9 Bad Habits That Will Keep Your Home Messy No Matter How Hard You Try to Keep It Clean

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2 years ago

A mess at home is not just a matter of aesthetics but also a source of stress that has a huge effect on the psychological condition of the residents. In order to always breathe easily in your home, not only is it necessary to clean it on time, on a certain day but also to keep things in order during all the other days. However, there are some widespread and unconscious habits that can prevent us from doing this.

Bright Side learned about which ordinary actions lead to us having messy homes, and resulted in us losing our precious energy.

9. Bringing home unnecessary things

In order to make keeping order in your home easier, there should not be extra items at home. This means you’d better sort them out before you bring them home. Thus, try not to bring things home that create visual noise and don’t bring any benefits. Those can be senseless souvenirs, symbolic gifts, leaflets, checks, and magazines. Moreover, try to not duplicate items. If you made the decision and bought a new teapot or a new pair of jeans to replace the worn-out old pair, don’t keep old items at home “just in case.”

8. Using a vacuum cleaner only for cleaning the floor

For some reason, special nozzles for collecting dust and cleaning sofas are not always popular, although they can greatly facilitate the cleaning process and even help make it better. Dusty shelves, windowsills, radiators, couches and mattresses, hard-to-reach corners — all these can be easily taken care of with the help of a vacuum cleaner. In some cases, it will be enough, in other cases — it will make further wet cleaning easier.

7. Not removing soap stains in the bathroom right away

Not letting soapy deposits and rust accumulate and cause you to have to apply extra effort when washing everything off later. Develop the habit of rinsing the surfaces in the bathroom immediately after you use them. When it comes to keeping the sink clean, make sure to wash it at least once, at the end of the day. Moreover, it’s recommended to wipe the bath dry to remove the significant part of the soapy layer. This tradition won’t take more than 2 minutes a day and will keep your bathroom clean and fresh for a long time.

6. Not removing dried clothes from the laundry rack

You can agree that you can’t allow yourself to keep washed clothes in the washing machine for several days because they will simply start to smell bad. The same rule should be followed in regards to dried clothes. All because most often the habit of not removing them for weeks is connected with the thoughts that “nothing will happen to them.” However, first of all, your clothes can become dusty or take on the fluff of your pet if you have one. Secondly, this colorful construction will stress you out and put you in a bad mood, which we have already mentioned at the beginning of the article.

5. Keeping clothes in stacks

It’s only convenient to keep kitchen utensils like frying pans in stacks but not clothes. No matter how hard we try, T-shirts put on top of each other will only look neat for a couple of days — afterward, you’ll likely get tired of keeping the dislocated stacks straight. If you arrange your clothes horizontally in a special box, not only will you save space but also ease your life a bit. All because now it will be more convenient for you to see and choose all of your necessary items.

4. Keeping random items on tables

It’s convenient to have the most used items on hand but oftentimes, we end up stocking our tables with whatever we have at home. For this reason, try to keep only a couple of necessary items both on your desk and on the kitchen table. Or you can try organizing your space in a proper manner so that you’ll only need to open a cabinet door to gain access to all of your necessities.

3. Not washing the dishes while cooking

In order to not let a pile of dirty dishes terrify you after dinner and tempt you to leave them for later, you should develop a habit to store used items in a sink filled with soapy water and then rinse the dishes during the cooking process, whenever you get a free minute. All because washing off the soaked dirt is much easier and quicker than removing the dried dirt. This trick will help you have much fewer dishes to wash after diner.

2. Not organizing things before leaving and before going to sleep

The habit of keeping your home messy before your leave it or before you go to sleep takes away the feeling of cleanliness and coziness, even if you always clean your home properly. In order to fully enjoy the result of your work, get into the habit of dedicating 10-15 minutes every evening to cleaning. You can use this plan, which consists of 5 steps: clean the table, wash the dishes, put all things back in their places, prepare clothes for the next day, and collect garbage.

1. Keeping necessary and unnecessary things together

Another source of the eternal mess in closets and on shelves is keeping the things that you use constantly and unnecessary things together. If you need to take a pause to think before saying goodbye to some items, you can get yourself several special storage boxes (for electronics, clothes, toys, kitchen accessories, etc.).

All the items you are not ready to dump yet should be put there. Make sure to set a reminder for a month. If you use nothing from these boxes within this period and you didn’t even think about using them, it means it’s high time you said goodbye to them.

In order to start organizing at home, you can find any list on the internet that will help you revise your items even today.

Perhaps you have your own unique tricks that help you keep your home in order? Please tell us about them in the comments!


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