9 Celebrities Who Became First-Time Parents in 2022

Becoming a parent for the first time is one of those rare life-changing moments that will forever stay engraved in our hearts and memories. And today, with social media, we have the opportunity to express our enormous joy by sharing pics and words that describe the start of our parenting journey. And in 2022, celebs who became moms and dads have also shared their happiness with millions of their fans, reminding us that parenthood is an incomparable blessing.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, 40, and Nick Jonas, 30, became parents for the very first time in January 2022 after welcoming their baby daughter, Malti, via surrogate. Baby Malti had to spend her first 100 days in the neonatal intensive care unit, but she went home with her loving parents in May.

On Mother’s Day, the new mom shared her joy about this new chapter of her life with her husband by dedicating these sweet words to him: ’’Also... there is no one I’d rather do this with than you. Thank you for making me a mama @nickjonas I love you ❤️.’’

Jennifer Lawrence

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The 32-year-old actress welcomed her baby boy, Cy, with husband Cooke Maroney in February 2022. Speaking on becoming a new mother, Lawrence explained, ’’The morning after I gave birth, I felt like my whole life had started over... Like, ’Now is day one of my life.’ I just stared. I was just so in love.’’



The 34-year-old singer became a first-time mom after giving birth to a boy with her boyfriend, rapper ASAP Rocky, on May 13. She announced her pregnancy back in January 2022.

Post Malone


The 27-year-old rapper and his fiancé became parents for the first time after welcoming their baby daughter in June 2022.

Speaking on this life-changing role, the proud papa has admitted that it can become challenging at times, given that he can’t take his baby with him everywhere. He noted, ’’It’s really tough not being able to see her,’’ adding, ’’I’m just happy to see her. But it is heartbreaking having to leave and not be able to be with her all the time.’’

Luke Combs

The 32-year-old country singer became a dad for the first time on Father’s Day after his wife gave birth to a baby boy on June 19. Luke Combs shared the wonderful news on Instagram and expressed his happiness with the caption, ’’Life is good.’’

Maria Sharapova

35-year-old Tennis star Maria Sharapova welcomed her first child with her fiancé on the 1st of July. Speaking on her little bundle of joy, Sharapova wrote, ’’The most beautiful, challenging, and rewarding gift our little family could ask for.’’

Leona Lewis

The 37-year-old singer and her husband became the proud parents of a baby girl named Carmel Allegra in July 2022.

Just a month before giving birth, Leona Lewis opened up about her pregnancy journey, saying, ’’I’ll never forget my first shoot with the bump!’’ She added, ’’There are so many emotional, physical, personal, and professional changes to embrace, and as I write this, I’m thinking of all the mums and dads out there that go through so much to bring precious little ones into the world.’’

Jackie Cruz

The 36-year-old Orange Is the New Black actress shared on Instagram that she has welcomed her twins with her husband. She wrote, ’’Being a mother has changed my world. My babies are everything to me.’’ The actress added, ’’I’m feeling content, exhausted, overwhelmed, grateful, tired, joyful, blessed, and fortunate all at the same time.’’

Ashley Greene

The 35-year-old Twilight actress gave birth to her first child in September 2022. She made the announcement on Instagram by sharing an adorable pic of her newborn’s hand with the caption, ’’And just like that — everything changed. In a single moment, you came into our world and everything else faded away.’’

How would you describe the feeling of becoming a parent for the very first time? How old were you when you had your first child?


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