A 3-Year-Old Boy Declared His Love for His Best Friend — 20 Years Later, They Got Married (Get to Know Their Story)

5 months ago

Love stories often unfold in unexpected ways. In a touching tale that began nearly two decades ago, Matt Grodsky, at the tender age of 3, stood in front of his preschool class, declaring his intention to marry his classmate, Laura Scheel. What seemed like innocent childhood affection evolved into a remarkable journey of love, separation, and ultimately, a lifelong commitment.

A childhood promise

Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel’s love story started in preschool classrooms when they were both 3. Matt, captivated by Laura’s presence, tried to impress her with his imitations of movie lines, particularly from The Lion King. Their earliest memories are painted with play dates, movie outings (under the watchful eyes of parents), and the innocent charm of childhood feelings.

One day, at the age when most children were worried about snacks and sleeping mats, Matt boldly declared his love for Laura in front of their preschool friends. He didn’t worry about the laughter that started, Matt confidently declared, “Just you wait.” Little did they know that the journey to fulfilling that declaration would take time.

Separation and reconnection

As fate would have it, the young couple went to different elementary schools and lost touch. However, the annual exchange of Christmas cards between their families provided a glimpse into each other’s lives. It wasn’t until the fall of their freshman year in high school that Laura, intrigued by a friend’s discovery, reconnected with Matt. Despite attending schools in different states, their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship.

Navigating the distance

The challenges of a long-distance relationship presented themselves when Matt and Laura enrolled in different colleges, over 1,600 miles apart from each other. With determination, they established a routine for visits and embraced technology to bridge the gap, watching Friends on Netflix together during their time apart.

The proposal

On May 23, 2015, with their senior year approaching, Matt took Laura back to the place where it all began — their preschool. In an emotional twist, he proposed, getting down on one knee with an engagement ring he had purchased two months prior. The proposal, captured by Matt’s brother, was done alongside a thoughtful picnic basket, the same one Matt’s father used when he proposed to his mom. The scenario was completed with bridal magazines and sparkling cider. Needless to say, Laura’s answer was a firm and emotional “yes.”

After a journey of over two decades, Matt Grodsky and Laura Scheel exchanged vows on December 30, 2016. The ceremony, officiated by Grodsky’s uncle, beautifully summarized their unique love story, emphasizing that while most preschoolers just watch cartoons on TV, for Matt and Laura, it was about finding their soulmates.

A viral sensation

Their love story didn’t go unnoticed by the internet’s eyes. One day, the Instagram profile The Way We Met published Matt and Laura’s journey, gaining over 30,000 likes. Together with their joint Facebook page @preschoolsweethearts, where they present themselves as “the couple that met in preschool, dated for eight years and got married,” we get to know a glimpse of their lives. Today, they are parents of two little girls, Hallie and Lily.

Laura and Matt serve as a symbol of true love. Their inspiring journey reminds us that the innocent emotions of childhood can transform into enduring connections. Matt and Laura’s story teaches us the significance of maintaining hope, cherishing memories, and believing in the power of promises made from the heart.


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