A Dating Site Holds an Experiment to Show How Love Changes People’s Faces

4 years ago

The dating site, Sentimente held an interesting photo project with a goal of showing how love affects people. The participants were photographed before the experiment and later were shown a video that contained a personal message for each of them. At this moment the participants were photographed for a second time and the results were compared with the initial shots. Was there any difference between them? Keep scrolling and you’ll see it for yourself.

We at Bright Side hope that you’ll feel like calling or writing to your loved ones after reading this article to remind them how much they mean to you.

Learn what the project is all about before judging it.

It’s impossible to see love as something material and tangible, nevertheless, photographer Mihnea Ratte managed to capture this feeling in her photos. Participants were invited to a photoshoot and after taking their first portrait, they were shown a video where their loved ones were saying, ’I love you’ or a video that showed their lovable pets. The people had no idea what to expect, which is why all their emotions came out in a very sincere way.

Monica heard warm words from her family.

Manuela’s boyfriend confessed his love to her.

Alexandra’s boyfriend also confessed his deep feelings to her.

Raluca watched a touching video message from her best friend’s kids.

Natalia was shown a video with her cat.

Oana was shown a video with her puppy.

Sebi’s best friend made a touching video for him.

Andreea got a video message from her best friend.

Love is multifaceted and each person gives their own special meaning to it: some people love their friends, others can’t imagine their life without their pets, romantic love is very powerful, and so is loving yourself. What do you consider the most valuable thing in your life and what changes happen to you when you are in love?

Preview photo credit Mihnea Ratte / instagram


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Well these people are just happier now than before, isn't that a normal thing when you start a new relationship? :P


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