A Dog That Looks Like Batman Becomes an Internet Celebrity and It Seems Like Gotham Is in Good Paws

3 years ago

A Great Dane named Enzo, with his tall, pointed ears and massive muscles, has stricken the internet with his resemblance to everyone’s favorite superhero from Gotham. And even though he probably won’t be able to defeat criminals from the whole city, his tough-guy appearance is not the only thing he and Batman have in common.

Here at Bright Side, we are sure that Enzo could be a great partner for Batman!

Enzo and his family love hiking.

Enzo’s parents, Danny and Stephanie, who are avid travelers, decided one day to create an Instagram account where they share their family adventures and show that traveling with a dog is fun. Danny shared that the idea was to display that having a big dog doesn’t mean you need to stay at home all the time, but, vice versa, having a dog can help you feel connected to nature.

It all started as a travel blog.

The family started sharing their everyday walks in the local forest, taking pictures of Enzo against mesmerizing backgrounds, and the account began to gain popularity. Now Enzo already has over 32k followers on Instagram.

Enzo’s similarity with Batman is not just about his pointy ears.

As more and more people followed Enzo’s account, they started noticing that the Great Dane looks a lot like Batman with his pointy ears and serious look. But his similarities to the Dark Knight don’t stop there. Enzo is courageous and agile, just like the superhero he’s compared to.

Furthermore, Enzo always guards his own little Gotham — which is his family’s house in Quebec, and is always there to protect his family.

But unlike the Dark Knight, the Great Dane loves to make new friends and soak up the love.

As Enzo’s dad Danny shares, sometimes people think that Great Danes are fearful and gentle — that they don’t like being in the cold and that they are scared of everything. But according to Danny and Stephanie, Enzo is not only confident and fearless, but he also loves making friends with people and animals he meets.

Danny shares that now they actually have to deal with the popularity of Enzo, as people have started stopping them on the streets to pet or cuddle the dog or take a picture — Enzo seems to be very happy about it.

Does your pet remind you of a fictional character? We’d be happy to see your pictures in the comment section below!


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