A Man Comes Up With Inventions That Are Useless but So Ironic, You Might Want One Immediately

4 years ago

Genius, creative minds never rest and continue to bring us new inventions that make dealing with the world around us a bit easier. That being said, American designer Matt Benetto has his own view on how useful things should look. His amazing sense of humor and craftsmanship allow him to create cool-looking but completely useless things. He’s invented sunglasses with blinds, a mouth curtain for those who can’t eat with their mouth closed and beach slippers with a reverse sole. Internet users have grown so excited about his creations that they want to buy them. And honestly, we’d like to get a lot of them too!

Bright Side was amazed at how sarcastic and hilarious these creations were and immediately decided that we had to share these with you!

1. Behold The Infinity Saucelet! Wield all of your favorite fast food sauces at once. Cover everything in sauce...whatever it takes.

2. The Cuisine Curtain is perfect for any conscious eater in public who just can’t chew with their mouth closed.

3. The iDangle is the hands-free way to watch your phone inches from your face in bed.

4. “I made a rugged, plastic carrying case for your favorite metal straw. Death to plastic straws!”

5. “My newest fake invention is the FlopFlips — sandals with reverse soles so it looks like you were walking the opposite direction on the beach. See ya later, stalkers!”

6. “I created blinds for my sunglasses.”

7. The ReadyNapper is your on-the-go pillow for power naps anytime, anywhere.

8. Just in time for summer — SweatGutters!

9. “The Personal Spacinator is the latest addition to my collection of fake products I make.”

10. “Since everyone seemed to love my Sun Shaders, I had to design and make these EyeWipers.”

11. The WhichWay creates shoulder turn signals to avoid that awkward shuffle when walking toward someone.

12. “I made a helmet with a spinning arm-fan for when something really smells.”

13. “I made miniature hard hats so you don’t stub your toes.”

14. “I made fingertip beanies for when just the tip is cold.”

15. Meet Avocado on a Stick, the quickest way for millennials to make avocado toast.

16. “I made The BurritoTrough — the laziest way you can eat a burrito.”

17. “I made my own version of the finger extender.”

18. “This is The Hoverbrella! Enjoy a rainy day without the hassle of having to carry an umbrella.”

19. “Meet The LookBak, a shoulder rearview mirror so you never miss a thing around you.”

20. This is the ForkYou, a click-activated condiment fork inspired by those multi-colored pens.

21. The AirSticks are chopstick extensions for your AirPods.

22. “My newest creation is the Anywhere Hook, a personal coat hook that easily fits under your shirt so you can hang your coat behind you when you’re walking around.”

23. “Always asking people what they said? I made a new invention to solve that — check out the ComeAgain.”

Which invention did you like most? Would you like to buy one? Have you ever created something yourself? Let’s discuss it all in the comment section!

Preview photo credit rightcoastguy / reddit


As a person who wears glasses, EyeWipers would be the best for me during the rain :D

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