A Photographer Found an Unusual Way to Help a Blind Bride “See” Her Wedding Photos, and We Can’t Hold

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James Day, a photographer from Sidney, had the unique experience of working with a couple where the bride was completely blind. How could you photograph a wedding knowing that the future wife would never actually see the photos? This is a question he was able to find an amazing answer for. James not only created a unique atmosphere during the wedding day but he also gave the couple a present that would keep their precious memories forever.

We at Bright Side were deeply touched by this story and can’t wait to share it with you!

“Steph did not want the wedding.”

Steph lost her eyesight shortly before she met Rob. She suffers from cone-rod dystrophy, an eye disorder she inherited from her mother Linda. She gave up on ever having the wedding of her dreams because without sight she wouldn’t be able to fully experience it.

“It was since Steph was a little girl. She wanted her fairytale wedding. And we were so sad when she said that she didn’t think she could do it,” her mother said.

But James managed to make it special.

This story could never have happened if the couple hadn’t met James Day, a photographer who found a touching way to make this day memorable. “I needed this moment to be special. I wanted to find a way that would bring you all together,” he said.

“And we are so happy that she changed her mind.”

It was a really hard job for James. He explained, “I Googled, I asked everyone I knew...for 12 months I pondered this idea. I played through the day in my mind 1,000 times. I thought of all the moments where I could potentially rob Steph of having a real moment.

This is how an idea of using 10 fabrics infused with different essential oils was created. He presented the pieces throughout the day so they could bring back the precious moments. “Unbelievably, later that night, Linda was actually smelling and touching those fabrics and could already recall every single scent and the moment of the day it correlated to.”

The gift

But the biggest surprise was ahead. The bride got an opportunity to “see” the wedding photos running her hands over specially made shots. “Basically, the image is heated and then it rises,” explained James.

The fabrics and corresponding scents were included into the wedding album. Each page contained photos accompanied by audio snippets captured during those moments. The tactile photos, scents, fabrics, and audios help Steph to go back to one of the happiest days of her life and feel those emotions again.

“Unbelievable... You guys all have gone through so much trouble to make sure that this has been such an inclusive wedding. And this means so much,” exclaimed Steph.

You can find more photos on James Day’s Facebook or on his Instagram. Such stories warm our hearts and make the world a brighter place. It’s so great to know that there are such wonderful people who can go the extra mile to make others happy.

What do you think of this story? Do you know anyone else whose kindness can leave us speechless? Can’t wait to see your comments!


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