A Photographer Shares Pictures of Women From All Over the World to Prove That Beauty Knows No Nationality

4 years ago

Every person is beautiful in their own way. To prove this point, Natalia Ivanova, a Russian photographer living in Paris, launched the project The ethnic origins of beauty. She believes that beauty is a universal language that can be understood by any nationality. That is why she’s been collecting the images of women from every ethnic group in the world, in order to improve our feelings of equality and tolerance toward each other.

We at Bright Side agree that beauty has no ethnic limits and suggests that you have a look at this inspirational project.

25. Belarus

24. Réunion

23. Lezgian

22. Finland

21. Georgia

20. Kalmyk

19. Jew

18. Tamil

17. Breton

16. Ewe, Togo

15. Romania

14. Shluh

13. Crimean Tatar

12. Kabyle

11. Kikuyu

10. Rwanda

9. Armenia

8. Tuvinian

7. Cape Verde

6. Poland

5. Tunisia

4. Occitan, France

3. Senufo, Cote d’Ivoire

2. Moldova

1. Vepsian

Do you agree with the idea that beauty has no nationality? Leave us a comment below — what are your ethnic origins and which country do you live in?


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I love how not everyone needs to shave their eyebrows.


Also I am photographer for my school book. Seeing a lot of people face make me realize that a lot of people did not have perfect symmetry ration. I used to think I am the only one who have one small right eye and one big left eye. also my jaws did not align with each other. My mom thought it is because of my teeth. Turn out it is originally like that.


I’ve always tried to make up my brows to look exactly alike. If I do manage to get them perfectly even, they don’t look “right”! Mainly because they’re not naturally symmetrical! Beauty is not found in only one nationality,,, all of God’s creatures have beauty. We only need to open our eyes to see it. I am English, Western European, and Irish and live in the USA.


I believe every girl is beautiful in her own way, her nationality and completion does not matter


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