A Pigeon Who Can’t Fly Met a Puppy Who Can’t Walk, and They’ve Become Best Friends Forever

4 years ago

To be best friends doesn’t always mean to look or act the same way. On the contrary, you can make a great team even if you are completely different, and the pair we’re going to tell you about is a perfect example of this type of friendship.

We at Bright Side would love to tell you the story of Herman the pigeon and Lundy the puppy who have proven that true friendship knows no boundaries.

The pigeon who can’t fly

Back in 2018, a pigeon was brought to The Mia Foundation, a rescue organization for animals with birth defects, that is located in Rochester, New York. The pigeon was found in a parking lot where he sat right on the pavement for 3 days, motionless.

His rescuers realized that he couldn’t fly and wanted to euthanize him, but Sue Rogers, the founder of the rescue, decided to take care of him herself.

For a while, she fed Herman (that’s what they called the pigeon) with the help of a tube and took him outside every day to help him recover more quickly. Soon he regained his strength, but, unfortunately, he never got back his ability to fly. That’s how Herman became a permanent resident at The Mia Foundation.

Being a full member of The Mia Foundation, Herman gets involved in lots of its daily activities. So when over a year later, in January 2020, a 4-week-old Chihuahua puppy arrived at the organization, Herman was one of the first fellow animals who met him.

The dog who can’t walk

Lundy the puppy was brought to the foundation by a breeder from North Carolina who had noticed that the dog was having problems with walking. When Lundy completely lost the use of his rear legs, the breeder called Rogers to ask if she could take him in, and she agreed.

When he just arrived to the rescue, 6-ounce Lundy was so tiny that he could easily fit into a shirt pocket. The vets are not sure what is wrong with him yet. They are thinking that he probably suffers from hydrocephalus, a condition that mostly affects small dogs and that may lead to brain damage.

Love at first sight

After one of her regular walks with Herman, Rogers set the bird on a dog bed and started caring for Lundy. Then she put the little puppy in the same bed, and the 2 animals finally met each other.

At first, Rogers was a little bit unsure of how they would react to each other, so she kept an eye on them. But it turned out that she had no reason to be concerned — to her amazement, the pair started cuddling almost immediately. The moment was so sweet that Rogers quickly grabbed a camera and snapped a few photos. Later she posted them on Facebook.

Now Herman and Lundy are inseparable, they often cuddle together somewhere at the rescue’s facilities.

The future of their friendship

Rogers believes that the puppy’s mobility issues might be connected with damage to his spinal cord, but she doesn’t know that for sure yet. Once she learns more about the reason for his illness, she will come up with a plan for his treatment. They will probably end up making a wheelchair for Lundy and will then look for a family that will be ready to adopt him.

As for Herman, he’ll probably stay in Rogers’ care for the rest of his life, unless somebody will adopt him together with his best friend.

Do you have your own examples of unusual friendships? Tell us your stories in the comments!


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such a sweet story :3

animals have feelings even stronger than we do


This is so cute! Friendships are allowed in any format :)

Comment with image on Bright Side

I don't know which one is cuter! This two are such a characters haha


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