A Taiwanese Artist Illustrates What Life Is Like Before and After You Get Pets

3 years ago

When you get a pet, your life takes a 180-degree turn. Not only do your new furry friends become members of the family, but they also transform your life in a lot of ways. They follow you around everywhere, protect you from bugs, and can even lower your risk of getting heart disease!

We at Bright Side found an artist who perfectly illustrates the changes that happen in our lives when we get a pet, and we can’t wait to share his work with you.

1. Who needs alarm clocks anymore?

2. When your shoes are their favorite snack:

3. See a rectangle — get inside.

4. They’ve invaded all areas of your life!

5. Your throne is now your cat’s throne.

6. You’ve got a personal cockroach hunter!

7. More plastic “gloves”

8. What’s important is that they feel comfortable.

9. It seems like cords are like Twizzlers for dogs.

10. How to improve your endurance:

11. Trying to keep your home clean is a real challenge!

12. Just a slightly different version of building sandcastles...

13. Now you have to protect your food all the time.

14. “The altar in my home”

15. “I’ve been waiting for you, human!”

16. They inherit your favorite toys.

17. Anything for your best buddy!

18. Right, because keyboards are so comfy...

19. It’s not fur, it’s patches of love!

20. How to identify a pet owner by their camera roll:

How did your life change after you got a pet? Is it different with cats than with dogs?

Preview photo credit mai2john / Facebook


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