A Video of Will Ferrell DJing as a Surprise at His Son’s Frat Party Goes Viral

7 months ago

TikTok video of Will Ferrell recently went viral after the actor surprised his son by showing up at his college frat party. The famous actor, who is seen DJing at the college event, had everyone in a shock at his sudden and unexpected presence.

Ferrell was sporting a USC Trojans jacket, shades, and a backward cap while skillfully spinning some impressive beats at the University of Southern California’s Sigma Alpha Mu house. According to some news sources, the footage was captured during a pre-game party prior to USC’s matchup against the Arizona Wildcats in a college football match. The actor’s presence at the event seems to have everyone confused!

However, the answer is simple as many comments point out: Ferrell’s eldest son, Magnus Ferrell, attends USC, which would explain why his dad is present at a college party there. In the viral clip, Ferrell also plays a song which samples a clip of the actor’s dialogue from Blades of Glory where he says, “No one knows what it means, but it’s provocative...gets the people going.”

The comments on the TikTok were amazed by the actor’s presence at the party. One comment said, “The levels to this: Will Ferrell is the intro for the song and now is a DJ playing it.” Another person commented, “The way I was like that’s an old DJ, and then I was like what is that Will Ferrell, and then I was like is Will Ferrell a DJ?” Many also criticized the people at the party for not knowing the words to the song, “These guys are not hyped enough and definitely don’t deserve to be in the presence of Will Ferrell.”

While most of us would probably be embarrassed by a parent showing up to a college party, having Will Ferrell be a DJ at one is definitely an exception!

Will Ferrell has been brutally honest about what it’s like being a parent, and has previously compared raising 3 sons to running a prison.

Preview photo credit lupetwins8803 / TikTok


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