A Woman Marries a Hologram and Says He Can «Satisfy All of Her Needs»

2 months ago

In a bold leap into the future, artist Alicia Framis is set to become the first person to marry a hologram powered by artificial intelligence. With the rapid growth of AI technology, questions about its potential to provide genuine companionship have become relevant, and Framis’ upcoming wedding to her holographic partner, AiLex, sparks a fascinating conversation.

A futuristic relationship

Imagine a relationship where intellectual connection reigns supreme, where debates are profound, and companionship is firm, yet physical touch remains absent. This is the essence of Framis’ unconventional union—a partnership with a holographic entity designed to fulfill her emotional needs without the use of physicality. The artist sees her union as a therapeutic tool, offering support to those facing trauma, loneliness, or loss.

Framis, known for her thought-provoking artistry, previously lived with a mannequin named Pierre, immersing herself in themes of love and connection. Now, she sees this project as a reflection on the evolving dynamics between humans, artificial intelligence, and contemporary art. In a statement on her website, she notes the current lack of poetry and warmth in AI, seeking to bridge this gap through her unconventional matrimonial journey.

The goal of living as normal as possible

Her holographic partner, named AILex, is not merely a product of technological craft, but a creation crafted from profiles of Framis’ past relationships. This personalized touch adds layers of complexity to their union, blurring the lines between human emotion and artificial intelligence.

Framis regularly shares insights into her relationship with AiLex on her Instagram page, @hybridcouples, offering glimpses into the complexities of their romantic bond. Describing it as «a romantic relationship between a woman and artificial intelligence,» Framis sees a future where emotional involvement with AI becomes normal.

The wedding ceremony

The upcoming ceremony is not just a symbolic gesture. It’s a meticulously planned event, complete with a custom-designed wedding dress for Framis and attire for attendees. The couple’s celebration will extend beyond traditional norms, with plans for a molecular food banquet curated to satisfy both human and holographic palates.

In a symbolic gesture of commitment, Framis ordered a brass nameplate engraved with both her name and AiLex’s—a tangible representation of their union. This artistic exploration is similar to other themes seen in the work of other artists, such as Tracey Emin, who famously married a rock in her garden as a statement of identity and connection.

But it’s not all what it seems.

Yet, practical considerations come into play in the intrigue surrounding this union. While hologram technology exists, it remains expensive and impractical for widespread use. However, it appears that AiLex’s presence in Framis’ videos may involve collaborative artists or actors rather than true AI-generated holograms.

The exact role of AI in the project is still unclear, though it’s speculated that AI algorithms could generate the hologram’s responses. Nonetheless, Framis is pushing boundaries. The Depot Boijmans Museum in Rotterdam is slated as the venue for the nuptials, with the potential for the exhibition to tour other locations.

As Alicia Framis blazes a trail into uncharted territory, her marriage to AiLex serves not only as a provocative artistic statement but also as a motivation for discussions about the evolving relationship between humans and technology. In an age where boundaries between reality and simulation blur, Framis’ visionary project challenges us to reconsider the nature of love, companionship, and the ever-expanding possibilities of artificial intelligence.


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