An 11-Year-Old Boy Cleans Up Litter From Beaches, and We Can’t Stay Silent About It Any Longer

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We often think that it takes so much time and so many people to make a difference. So much so, that we hesitate to take those little steps to make our world kinder, safer, and cleaner, because we think this means nothing in the long run. This story of 11-year-old Louis-Matisse from Cornwall proves that every little action helps, and that one person can do so much for their neighborhood and the whole world.

The Bright Side team can’t wait to tell you about this amazingly devoted boy and we wish more people would follow his example.

Louis-Matisse Nicholls is on a mission to clean up tons of litter on the Cornwall beaches.

Louis-Matisse Nicholls, from Newlyn, Cornwall, is cleaning up litter from local beaches and the amount of garbage he manages to collect on a daily basis is unbelievable. On their Instagram account, the boy and his parents share pictures of all the litter that’s found on Cornwall beaches and in the waters of the sea. These are plastic objects of all the kinds, tennis balls, ropes, cans, toys, shoes, tires, and even cell phones.

With the help of his social media account, Louis-Matisse encourages people to use less plastic and rubber that turn into poisonous debris floating at sea and lying on our beaches. He also takes part in social events devoted to environmental problems and even organized a little exhibition of marine debris that he found on the Cornwall beaches.

His aim is to show people that our seas are polluted with an awful lot of objects that are not supposed to be in there at all, and to encourage his neighbors to become wiser and more responsible.

He does a lot for his community.

People from Newlyn know Louis-Matisse as a devoted young man who cares a lot about his neighborhood. He was even awarded The Young Citizen of the Year award for the mind-blowing amount of litter he has collected from the beaches of Cornwall.

Louis-Matisse also promotes the idea of the so-called “2-minute beach clean” that implies that every single piece of litter removed from the beach matters. Whether you have 2 minutes or one hour, your actions can help, since every tiny piece of debris that was removed from the sea is a piece of debris that will never kill an animal or poison the water again. Thousands of people have joined this movement every year, making our planet cleaner and safer, and Louis-Matisse does a lot to attract more and more followers.

We can all follow his inspiring example and make the world around us better.

With his daily actions, Louis-Matisse proves that it doesn’t take a lot of people to do something for all of humanity. Each of us can do something on a daily basis: use less plastic, pick up the litter in our neighborhood, and once in a while clean litter from our local beaches, forests, or parks together with our friends and neighbors. We only have one planet to live on, and its future depends on each of us.

Does this story sound inspiring to you? Do you know people who would go the extra mile to make their neighborhood a better place to live?


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