Angelina Jolie Pays Tribute to Her Late Mother and Reveals Their Deeply Close Relationship

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Angelina Jolie grew up under the guiding hand of her mother, Marcheline, and when she passed away, the actress experienced a significant change in herself, which only strengthened her resolve to be an example for her children, as her mother was.

At Bright Side, we find it extremely moving when famous people open up about their close ties with their parents. So today, we’ll go over the touching eulogy Angelina Jolie wrote for her mother to always hold her memory close to her heart.

Marcheline made it her life’s work to raise her kids.

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Just like her daughter, Marcheline Bertrand had pursued a career in acting and appeared in small movie productions. However, she put everything on hold when she married Jon Voight, and they both made the decision to start a family. Sadly, they had a miscarriage, from which Bertrand greatly suffered.

Marcheline and Jon had their first child, James, in 1973, and Angelina was born in 1975. However, the marriage did not last long, and because of Jon’s adultery, they divorced a few years later, with Bertrand taking full responsibility for her children, and him, only financially supporting his family.

Angelina’s relationship with her father was complicated.


Although Jon Voight provided for his ex-wife and their 2 children financially, Jolie never had a strong bond with her father, blaming him for their separation. “I didn’t feel that close to my father. I felt more like my mother’s daughter when I was a child.”

Angelina had always been candid about their tumultuous relationship and how she had grown apart from him. She even chose not to use her father’s surname to distance herself from him and his fame. Nonetheless, Angelina pursued a professional acting career and eventually surpassed the fame of her Oscar-winning father.

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Angelina and Jon have, however, recently attempted to work past their differences and come together for the benefit of their family. Even during the difficult period of her divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina’s father has been a strong backer. “He’s been very good at understanding they needed their grandfather at this time,” the actress firmly stated.

She has always looked to her mother for guidance.

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Angelina has consistently portrayed her mother as someone who sacrificed everything to protect her children. “When my father had an affair, it changed her life,” Angelina wrote. “It set her dream of family life ablaze. But she still loved being a mother. ”

Angelina’s daughter, who is constantly on the front lines of assisting those in need, has undoubtedly inherited her humanitarian tendencies.

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Angelina learned a lot about parenting from Marcheline. Jolie discussed the experiences of her mother and how having children of her own has allowed her to rediscover her spirit and maternal instinct. The actress confessed, “She enjoyed me, and I feel I’m enjoying my kids. If anybody ever tells me that I am a mother to them like my mom was to me, it will be a great compliment.”

Since her divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina hopes to be like her mother and develop the same courage she had as a single mother. “I will never be as good a mother as she was. I will try my best, but I don’t think I ever will be. She was the most generous, loving woman. She’s better than me,” stated the actress.

The disease and the heart-breaking loss of her mother

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“My mother seemed peaceful when she first knew she had cancer,” Angelina spoke out about her mother’s illness. Marcheline Bertrand was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the late 1990s and battled it for over a decade. Angelina’s mother has also founded an ovarian cancer support organization over the years. After a long illness, she died on January 27, 2007.

Her grief over Marcheline’s absence and the void it left completely changed Angelina’s approach to life. “I lost my mother in my thirties. When I look back to that time, I can see how much her death changed me.” She went on to say, “I don’t want to get emotional. I wish she were here. I am never going to stop missing her.”

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Jolie had to take extreme safety measures because she had also lost her grandmother and aunt to breast cancer. “As I stood in the hospital’s hallway, her doctor told me she had promised my mother that she would make sure I was informed about my medical options,” Angelina recalled.

In order to lower her chances of developing breast cancer, Angelina disclosed in 2013 that she had undergone a preventative double mastectomy. 2 years later, the award winner decided to have her uterine tubes and ovaries removed.

Angelina wrote a touching message in honor of their bond.

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The well-known actress cherishes her mother’s memory and has published a lengthy, heartfelt eulogy that pays tribute to the wonderful person Marcheline was and encourages those who are grieving to keep going. Living without a mother can be difficult, and Angelina had faced many difficulties in accepting it and moving on.

“I’ve had my own loss and seen my life take a different direction. And it hurt more than I imagined it ever would.” She described their lovely relationship, referring to her mother as her best friend. “There are no words to express what an amazing woman and mother she was,” Jolie wrote. “She was our best friend.”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have 6 children: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. While she is still struggling to accept her mother’s death, she is grateful that her mother could see some of her grandchildren while fighting cancer. “My mom was born to be a grandmother; she would have just loved it. She did meet some of my children, and she was fantastic.”

Despite her best efforts to be the best mother to her children, the actress would “give anything for her to be with me at this time.” Considering her mother a role model, Angelina is now well aware of the values she wants to pass on to her kids to raise them with the same love and affection she had received from her mother. “She gave me a great sense of love. I might have been nutty in my youth, but I was always loving.”

What kind of bond do you have with your mother? Do you look up to her as a role model?

Angelina Jolie, often in the limelight for her beauty, finds herself juxtaposed with legendary actress Claudia Cardinale, whose image was controversially altered for the 2017 Cannes Film Festival poster. The debate revolved around modern beauty standards, with Cardinale herself dismissing concerns, emphasizing the dreamlike nature of the edit.

Delving into Jolie’s personal life, her tumultuous relationship with her father, Oscar-winning actor John Voight, has been a topic of much discussion. Their bond, strained by past disagreements and Voight’s admitted infidelity, saw them estranged for years. However, the passing of Jolie’s mother became a turning point, leading to a slow reconciliation. Their shared love for cinema and the presence of Jolie’s children, especially during her divorce from Brad Pitt, played pivotal roles in mending their bond.

On the front of motherhood, Angelina Jolie’s journey began unexpectedly in Cambodia. Initially not keen on motherhood, her perspective shifted dramatically after a trip to the Southeast Asian nation. While filming “Tomb Raider,” she connected deeply with the country, leading her to adopt baby Maddox from a Cambodian orphanage. Their instant bond was evident, with Maddox smiling at Jolie amidst a sea of crying babies. Despite adoption challenges due to baby trafficking concerns, Jolie’s determination prevailed. Maddox’s Cambodian heritage remains integral to his identity, with Jolie ensuring he stays connected to his roots, evident in their collaborative film project “First They Killed My Father” and the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation’s work in Cambodia.

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