Blake Lively Stuns in Bold Pics, but a Speculation About Her Body Has Divided Opinions

11 months ago

Blake is proving that a woman’s body can still look incredibly attractive even after giving birth to 4 kids. Six months after having her youngest baby, the actress posted a series of show-stopping red bikini pics that quickly went viral. That said, some people noticed a detail that sparked a lot of online debate.

She’s a Summer Queen.

The 35-year-old star shared with her over 41 million Instagram followers a series of snaps promoting her line of beverages, Betty Buzz.

Lively looked effortlessly cool as she lounged by the pool, wearing a red bikini, which she matched with her red-painted nails and lipstick. The blonde beauty styled her hair into two pigtails and wore a reflective visor on her head.

The series of posts quickly gathered an immense amount of likes on her Instagram, as well as on media platforms, and people were showering the mother of four with lovely comments.

Some fans were also pointing out that the Gossip Girl star is becoming even more fabulous with time, as one person noted, “She’s gorgeous, looks better every passing year!” Another fan gushed about her body, saying, “she literally gets better looking with every birth she gives.”

She sparked an online debate.

As eagle-eyed fans were closely inspecting the photos and admiring Blake’s graceful aura and beauty, some noticed that her breasts might be looking a little larger than usual. One person commented, “Her breasts are a lot larger than I thought,” while another person wondered if the star had breast implants after comparing her older pics with this new photoshoot.

However, many others were quick to refute this observation, explaining that the actress has recently given birth to her fourth child. A fan replied saying, “She has a 6-month-old baby,” while another noted, “may not be implants, could still be feeding.”

Whichever her secret to looking this good is, we agree that Blake looks incredibly gorgeous and has always been a naturally stunning woman. And besides her beauty, she also has a sharp sense of humor, and this was proven recently when she responded with the best reaction after being trolled for her curly hair.


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