Bright Siders Shared 20 Photos of Their Parents Who Were Real Heartbreakers in Their Youth

4 years ago

Whenever we go through our parents’ old photo albums, we always get the biggest smiles. It’s very unusual to see our moms and dads in their youths, but it’s always a beautiful experience. We were touched to see many of you, our readers, letting us into such an intimate part of your lives and want to spread this lovely feeling to others.

We at Bright Side were so grateful to collect the photos of your moms and dads that you’ve lovingly shared with us. Each and every one of them reminds us that true beauty is all around us.

1. “My mother, beautiful outside and especially inside.”

2. “My dad in 1944”

3. “My mother when she was around 19. Miss her more than words can say.”

4. “My father at 24”

5. “My mom from way back when”

6. “My mother at 24”

7. “My dad in his mid 20s”

8. “My beautiful mom at 17”

9. “My dad and me in 1957”

10. “My mom in her youth”

11. “My dad”

12. “My mother Sara, 1947”

13. “My father at 18”

14. “My beautiful mama at 18 years old”

15. “My dad, who always looked like a movie star to me”

16. “My parents... I miss my dad a lot.”

17. “My mom Brenda Jackson”

18. “My mother 40 years ago”

19. “My mother”

20. “My father. So handsome.”

We can’t get enough of your submissions. Put the spotlight on your parents and grandparents as well and share their photos!


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Would be cool to see a picture of these people from today.. I wonder how they aged


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