Chinese Women Share Their Youth Life Hacks to Look 25 Years Old

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In China, a beautiful woman isn’t just a woman who looks pretty. Ancient Chinese culture says the body and the soul are inseparable, and appearance is just one of the features of beauty. Hobbies, spiritual harmony, and self-sufficiency are the things that matter.

Despite their ancient traditions, 40-year-old Chinese women really look like 20-year-old girls. How do they do that? Bright Side had to study different resources to slightly lift the veil of secrecy.

Secret #10: Drink more water.

Chinese women always drink water and carry it with them. If you ask them to name one thing that can help them survive, they’d say “the access to drinking water.” In China, almost all public places are supplied with water coolers and dispensers.

Secret #9: Spend less time in the sun.

Chinese women really care about the light tone of their skin. In the past, white skin was considered to be a feature of high social status. In the 21st century, Chinese women are sure that sunscreen is one of the best methods to use to avoid premature aging.

Secret #8: Tea replaces other drinks really well.

Chinese women drink a lot of liquid, and tea is one of their favorite drinks. Experts recommend drinking oolong, pu-erh, red tea with Goji, astragalus flower tea, or jasmine tea. These have a good impact on your beauty and health. It’s also not recommended to add sugar or milk to your tea.

Secret #7: Plan your day.

Following a daily schedule is really crucial in China. Chinese women care a lot about their meal and sleep times. After lunch, they try to find time to take a nap (even at their workplace). As for students, they often go the library to sleep.

Secret #6: It’s better to avoid high-calorie desserts.

Everyone knows that Chinese cuisine differs from what we’re accustomed to. Chinese traditional desserts aren’t an exception to this rule: the thing is, they contain no sugar at all. What’s more, other countries usually finish their meals with a dessert, but Chinese people prefer to eat desserts separately or in the middle of their courses. For example, they will eat soup, a dessert, and then salad.

Secret #5: Seaweed is an important part of their diet.

Chinese women consume a lot of seaweed. It speeds up the digestive process and absorbs excessive salt. What’s more, the fiber in seaweed helps you feel full longer, and it’s a perfect option for those who want to lose weight. Vitamins and chlorophyll make the skin look younger and keep the collagen level high. Seaweed is also rich in protein that prevents premature aging.

Secret #4: Keep calm.

Their lack of facial expressions also contributes to the skin’s youth: the less our facial muscles work, the less wrinkles we have. Keeping a calm and thoughtful facial expression is a great alternative to Botox.

Secret #3: Use certain makeup products.

Chinese women’s face and body care products have always contained natural components that prolong their youth. These ingredients are seaweed, ginseng, medicinal herb extracts, pearl powder, and natural oils. Natural ingredients make our skin smooth and silky.

Secret #2: Foot acupressure

Chinese women pay a lot of attention to body care, and foot acupressure is an essential part of their lives. Female beauty points, called San Yin Jiao, are massaged several times a day. These are paired points located on the inside of the lower leg. To find these points, just find the highest point on your ankle, then measure 4 finger widths up your leg, and there you are.

The massage should be performed this way: wrap your hands around your shins so that your thumbs are located right above the points and massage these points on both legs for one minute.

Secret #1: Everyday massage using a jade roller.

Using a jade roller improves facial blood circulation. In the past, there were 2 gadgets: a jade roller for acupuncture points massage and a flat jade stone that was used to release tension in facial muscles. Today, these rollers are sold online and you can even order them from China.


Here you can see the famous Chinese actress Liu Xiaoqing who was born in 1955 and popular Instagram blogger Liu Yelin who’s 50 years old now. Would you even believe that they aren’t 25?

Do you follow any of these Chinese tips? Would you like to try them?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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Ok what a nonsense!!?? Do still people believe this nonsense, 40 looking like 20 etc?
People always, ALWAYS show their age unless you go all in on serious plastic surgeries and fill up on Botox like both of the 2 old women's in the photos.
Of course a healthy lifestyle is very good but don't do it because you will look younger because you will look exactly your age


Some of these tips are good for guys too. Staying calm and eating modest is good for human body in general


A lot of Chinese women don't stick to a diet, and just eat whatever they want: fried and deep fried, sweet, spicy, etc. I think their genes play a crucial role in their appearance.


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