David Beckham Says His Daughter, 11, Still Shares a Bed With Him and His Wife

David Beckham sparks controversy online every time he posts a photo of himself kissing his 11-year-old daughter on the lips. Being a loving and affectionate father, the retired soccer player took to Instagram to share that his daughter occasionally joins him and his wife for sleepovers. He cherishes every moment he spends with his children and sees nothing wrong with showering them with love.

A sweet visitor

David Beckham shared an adorable moment on Instagram, revealing that his youngest child, Harper, had joined him and his wife, Victoria Beckham, in their spacious bed. In the heartwarming photograph, the 3 Beckhams appeared snug and cozy, nestled together under the covers. Harper sought comfort between her parents after sneaking into their bed during the night. “We had a visitor in the night,” the soccer star wrote.

The Beckham couple sometimes prefers to sleep separately.

Many couples choose to sleep separately to keep their relationships fresh, and the Beckhams are no different. They bought a countryside home with separate wings for each of them. According to reports, each wing has its own kitchen, bedrooms, and courtyard, giving the couple individual spaces to enjoy.

“It actually works out well for David, Victoria, and the kids. If they are all driving each other mad, they can retreat into these wings like they are living in separate houses,” a source revealed.

Both parents are very close with their children.

David and Victoria Beckham became parents at a young age, and they both show great affection and support toward their children. They frequently share pictures of themselves hugging and kissing their kids and manage to capture many joyful family moments together.

David Beckham likes to read to his daughter before bed.

Reading bedtime stories is a wonderful way to bond with your children and create cherished memories that will last as they grow up. Beckham enjoys snuggling up in bed with his little girl while reading her bedtime stories.

Victoria and David Beckham’s love story proves that happy endings do exist when you find the right person. Even after all these years, David still has the ticket on which Victoria wrote her phone number, serving as a reminder that true love endures when the perfect person enters your life.

Preview photo credit davidbeckham / Instagram


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