A Delivery Driver Confesses How Much She Earns in a 5-Hour Shift, Leaving Everyone Shocked

6 months ago

TikTok video has got everyone talking; Brooklynn Lecomte astonished her followers by providing tangible evidence of the additional income she managed to generate. The video, now reaching thousands of views, meticulously outlines the financial details in dollars and cents, capturing the interest of a broad audience.

She is a working mom, employed at a fast-food pizza chain to cover her college expenses

Brooklynn Lecomte, a mom from Seattle, works as a delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza to help pay for college. She recently got married to Logan Sears. Brooklynn shared that, besides her regular pay from the pizza job, she also gets a good amount of tips from customers. This sparked discussions on social media about tipping in the U.S., especially when she revealed how much she can make in tips during just a five-hour shift.

Brooklynn usually works for only 5 hours

Starting off as a delivery driver for Domino’s to make ends meet while attending university, she shared her story on TikTok. Despite her short 5-hour shifts, Brooklynn Lecomte left viewers astonished when she unveiled her earnings.

Explaining her income breakdown, Lecomte mentioned receiving a base salary of $15 per hour just above Washington’s minimum wage. However, the real surprise came from the substantial tips she gathers during her delivery driver shifts.

Expressing her initial surprise, she said, “I never expected tips. It was just a nice thing when people tip. I pull in a lot of money each week. It’s worth it.”

Her Tiktok went viral for her revelations

Lecomte amazed her followers by revealing the substantial cash she pulls in during her shift. In a TikTok clip from 2022 that recently resurfaced and garnered over 72,000 views, she takes viewers along on a day of work. Decked out in her Domino’s uniform, she shares the sales slips from each delivery and showcases fistfuls of cash earned as tips. Some tips start at $3, while others go up to nearly $10, even for modest orders. By the end of her five-hour shift, she proudly states that she received around $115 in tips alone, noting that working in bigger cities can be particularly lucrative.

They also have advantages in other fields other than tips

Lecomte also mentions that drivers are compensated for gas expenses. As more customers order through these platforms, studies suggest that excessive tipping has become more common, with some food delivery services even recommending it to ensure faster service.

The fast-food worker received a flood of comments, questions, and expressions of support from viewers. One individual proudly shared, “I work at Dominos in Kansas. This week, in just three days, I earned over $200 in tips.”

Expressing envy, another person remarked, “My Domino’s isn’t as busy. I’m a bit envious, lol.” Someone else contributed, “My nephew works as a driver and is able to support himself and his 3-year-old quite well.” With a rising number of customers choosing food delivery through mobile apps, a recent study indicated that a significant 75% of them were more likely to leave generous tips when finalizing their payments.

Some praise their work, some others, like this Amazon driver, complain.

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