How 13 “The Crown” Characters Have Changed Over the Course of the Series

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If there is a series that knows how to keep its audience captivated, that is The Crown. Season after season, the story of the British family has been told by its protagonists, who have grown older thanks to the magic of fiction, or rather, to the incredible casting of the actors for each installment.

1. Elizabeth II

At the beginning of the series, Claire Foy played Queen Elizabeth II. She did it during the first 2 seasons and then passed on the role to Olivia Colman during the third and fourth seasons. Currently, in the fifth installment, actress Imelda Staunton is in charge of giving life to this majestic character, a role she will also play during the sixth season.

2. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

During the first and second seasons, Matt Smith played Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Then, Tobias Menzies took on the role during the third and fourth seasons. Now, the great Jonathan Pryce is in charge of playing the husband of Queen Elizabeth II.

3. Princess Margaret

We witnessed Vanessa Kirby portray Queen Elizabeth II’s sister, also known as the Countess of Snowdon. Then, Helena Bonham Carter stepped into Margaret’s shoes in the third and fourth seasons. In the sixth installment, Lesley Manville is in charge of bringing this character to life.

4. Elizabeth, The Queen Mother

Victoria Hamilton was chosen to bring life to Elizabeth, the mother of the late Queen Elizabeth II, during the first and second seasons. The following 2 installments featured the impeccable performance of Marion Bailey. In the fifth, we have the pleasure of enjoying the performance of our beloved Marcia Warren.

5. Peter Townsend

Ben Miles gave life to Captain Peter Townsend in the first and second seasons. This character, who was the old love of Princess Margaret, appeared again in the fifth installment, this time played by Timothy Dalton.

6. Louis Mountbatten

Greg Wise played the Earl of Burma during the first and second seasons. Then, from the third to the fourth, it was Charles Dance who had the pleasure of playing this character.

7. Edward VIII

From the first season to the second, Alex Jennings gave life to Prince Edward, also known as the Duke of Windsor. Afterward, Derek Jacobi took the reins of the character, although only for the third installment.

8. Wallis Simpson

Prince Edward’s wife, the Duchess of Windsor, was played by Lia Williams in the first and second seasons until Geraldine Chaplin stepped into the shoes of Wallis Simpson in the third season.

9. Antony Armstrong-Jones

In the second season, Matthew Goode had the pleasure of bringing the Earl of Snowdon to life. In the third installment, Ben Daniels took over the role.

10. Princess Anne

Princess Anne appeared in the series starting in the third season, and she was played by Erin Doherty until the fourth installment. Now, we are enjoying Claudia Harrison in the role in the fifth.

11. Charles III

Josh O’Connor played the Prince of Wales from the third season until the fourth. Then, in the fifth season, Dominic West played him in a more adult version of the character.

12. Princess Diana

The beautiful lady Di was played by Emma Corrin during the fourth season, and this was her first appearance in the series. Then, in the fifth season, the actress chosen for the role was Elizabeth Debicki.

13. Camilla, Queen Consort

In the third season, we began to see the character of Camilla Parker Bowles, first played by Emerald Fennell until the fourth season and then by Olivia Williams in the fifth season.

Which is your favorite character in the series? What casting choice do you think was the most successful?


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