How 15 Celebs Looked Before They Found Their Iconic Hairstyles

3 years ago

Before finding their trademark hairstyle, some celebrities did some experimenting. For example, George Clooney hasn’t always kept his hair short. Once upon a time, he rocked long, wavy hair that brought out the rock star in him. From hair length to hair color, our favorite stars looked a bit different prior to charming us with their talent.

Bright Side traveled down some celebrities’ memory lanes and came back with some unexpected hairdos.

1. Reese Witherspoon

2. Angelina Jolie

3. Blake Lively

4. Jason Momoa

5. Ariana Grande

6. Dolly Parton

7. Patrick Dempsey

8. George Clooney

9. Halle Berry

10. Keanu Reeves

11. Hilary Duff

12. Billy Ray Cyrus

13. Matthew McConaughey

14. Christina Aguilera

15. Jamie Lee Curtis

How often do you change your own hairstyle? What hairstyle took you most out of your comfort zone? Head down to the comment section to share your stories and photos. It always makes our day!


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