7 Ways Emotions Actually Affect Wrinkles on Your Face

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Wrinkles are something that we can’t avoid with age. Of course, our genetics play a big role in which line on your face will be the deepest, but still, feelings can trigger and enhance wrinkles. You can check your reflection in the mirror to understand what emotions you still need to work on.

1. Forehead lines

Forehead lines can be associated with unresolved trauma or shock that you’ve had in the past, according to specialists. Things such as anxiety may lead to the frequent raising of eyebrows.
People who tend to over-think find such horizontal wrinkles. Also, if you often suffer from neck pain and headaches, you may have them.

2. Frown lines

Very often, people with 2 deep lines between the eyes are associated with deep thinkers and a busy mind. Experts say that there is no connection with a very strong negative emotion. An acupuncturist shared that she often finds such wrinkles in women with powerful and challenging careers. It could be lawyers, judges, or directors. But still, frown lines may show impatience and frustration, and even chronic suffering.

3. Crow’s feet

Very often, you may see crow’s feet in happy individuals because they smile or laugh a lot. However, if they get very deep, it may be associated with tension and frustration. For example, it can be related to individuals who make difficult decisions often.

4. Lip lines

Upper lip lines can indicate bad habits, such as smoking or eating disorders. Experts also say that people who don’t see anything good in the world may have wrinkles like these. Additionally, vertical lip lines may signal undernourishment.

5. Lines under the eyes

Wrinkles under the eyes make you look much older, but sometimes people may not notice their appearance. Such lines can be associated with deep sadness and even grief, like if you’ve experienced a feeling of lost love for a long time. A stressful lifestyle can also cause lines under your eyes. An expert says that she notices them among people who struggle with fertility.

6. Nose lines

Nose lines can be linked with the smile, but if they’re deep, they can be associated with sadness and disappointment about life. Specialists say that it may also mean you have chronic gut issues, so it’s always better to take control of your health.

7. Mouth and lower cheeks

The main association with a drooping mouth and jowls is grief, sadness, and suffering. Moreover, anxiety can also cause these changes in the face. According to an expert, people with tight necks are fearful of any harm, and they also develop these lines.

Did you notice that wrinkles on your face are connected to your emotions? Which wrinkle on a face is an old age indicator in your opinion?

Please note: This article was updated in January 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit 339731 / Pixabay


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