How Do You Hold Hands With Your Partner? It Can Reveal a Lot About Your Relationship

10 months ago

Holding hands with a person you love is very natural. And of course, psychologists are really interested in studying this way of expressing feelings.

Bright Side has reviewed some studies of social behavior and found that the way you hold hands with a person close to you can say a lot about your relationship.

A slight intertwining of fingers: respect

This way of holding hands shows that your relationship is emotionally stable and that you fully trust your partner. You show other people that you are in a relationship and you still leave enough personal space — you respect the feelings and individuality of each other.

Palm to palm: responsibility

This is quite a popular way to hold hands that shows who dominates the relationship. The one whose palm is facing down is the leader. When men want to protect or calm their partner down, they hold hands this way.

Intertwined fingers: care

You are connected with deeper feelings rather than physical attraction. You try to be honest with each other without hiding your weaknesses and flaws. Your relationship is based on trust and care.

Holding one finger: flirty

Your relationship is in the flirting stage. You are just learning new things about each other and are not ready for any kind of responsibility. When a relationship is in the very beginning stage, this is how people hold hands.

Accidental touches: hidden sympathy

When you walk with each other and your hands slightly touch but you don’t actually hold hands, it means that one of you sends nonverbal sympathy signals. But most of the time, this relationship is nothing more than a friendship.

Holding fingers: trust

The one who is holding the fingers shows their respect and loyalty and is ready to protect. The one whose hand is being held shows full trust. When 2 people have a healthy and stable relationship, they hold hands this way.

Holding the wrist: attraction

This way of holding hands looks quite aggressive and it shows that you are physically attracted to each other and that you really need each other. But this gesture may also show that a person is tough and selfish.

Holding the waist: passion

Your relationship is really close. This is a compromise between a walk and a hug. If only one of the partners shows this gesture, it means that one of the partners is a possessive person.

Holding hands officially: a sense of security

This way, a girl shows that she needs support and help. This is a classic gesture showing that a relationship is stable. But this gesture doesn’t mean that the people are in love.

How do you hold hands with your partner? Tell us in the comment section below.

Illustrated by Leisan Gabidullina for Bright Side


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haha have you ever seen that anyone held their hands while walking like its shown in the pictures "Intertwined fingers" or "Holding the wrist"? is it even possible without breaking fingers in the former and comfortable walking in the latter case?:DD how do u hold hands while walking? and have u thought bout that before?:)


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