How Robin Williams, Hollywood’s Most-Lovable Actor, Became the First Male NFL Cheerleader in History

5 months ago

Unleashing his unmatched comedic genius and captivating charm, Robin Williams burst onto the Hollywood scene in 1977. From memorable TV appearances to his iconic role as Mork in Mork and Mindy, Williams left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry.

Williams started getting acting roles in Hollywood in 1977. He appeared on well-known TV shows like Happy Days and Laugh-In, but Mork and Mindy was his first big break. This comedy series was based on the character he played on Happy Days, where he portrayed an alien from another planet who found himself in funny and unfamiliar situations on Earth, along with his human friend Mindy.

How he ended up being the world’s first male NFL cheerleader.

Williams’ unique and eccentric personality quickly made him noticeable. These characteristics suited Mork perfectly, as the alien frequently encountered amusing and absurd predicaments because he was unfamiliar with everyday norms and expectations.

As Mork, Williams had a memorable moment when he took on the role of a cheerleader during an NFL game for the Denver Broncos. In one episode, Mork, who resided in Boulder, Colorado, stumbled upon the opportunity to be a cheerleader, resulting in the expected hilarity. To capture the required footage, the actor actually performed as a cheerleader during a real, live game.

When the cheerleading squad, known as the Pony Express, came out, Williams joined them on the field. However, he took the role quite literally. He dressed exactly like them, wearing a super sparkly mini skirt, white knee-high boots, fringed white gloves, a halter top, and an orange scarf. The noticeable difference was his abundant body hair that could be seen through his skimpy outfit.

Shouting, “We’re gonna go out there and win this one for the zipper,” Williams blended in seamlessly with the professional cheerleaders, and the crowd went wild for this surprising guest performer. Despite lacking the same experience in cheerleading and dancing, he didn’t hold the Broncos back at all, as they completely dominated the Patriots with a score of 45-10.

Although his stint with pom-poms was brief, Williams can technically claim the title of the first male cheerleader in NFL history.

Robbin Williams was not only one of the greatest actors alive, but he was also a wonderful person, a beautiful soul, and, most importantly, a great husband to his wife. When he passed, the world was truly shocked.


I have loved Robin Williams since he was on Happy Days and Mork And Mindy. I was very young but I watched the shows nonetheless. He only became more beloved and fantastic with time. He has definitely been missed by many and will not easily be forgotten. I wish he could have found a way to share his feelings and possibly reach out for help. If anyone reading this feels any of these emotions, please reach out to someone, anyone. You may not know it but you are cared for and you do matter.

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