How to Choose the Perfect Animal Print for Your Wardrobe and Wear It With Style

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10 months ago

Animal prints never seem to go out of style, and celebrities who are seen rocking zebra stripes and leopard spots in public on many different occasions prove it. Sometimes, choosing the animal print that suits you the best can be a tough challenge. But don’t worry: There are simple basic principles that can help you tame this fashion trend and look fabulous in animal print outfits.

We at Bright Side came up with 5 tips that can help you feel more confident when choosing and wearing clothes with animal print, and we hope they will inspire you to conduct your own fashion experiments!

1. Wear one “animal” at a time.

Experienced fashionists may have no problem mixing different animal prints together, but if you’re only getting started wearing these prints, it’s better to choose only one animal print per look. If you mix different patterns or one pattern of different colors, chances are they will not look harmonious. If you still want to use more than one clothing item with animal print, make sure the prints are identical, like the snake prints Jennifer Lopez is wearing in the picture below.

2. Start with accessories if you’re a newbie.

If wearing clothes with stripes and spots sounds risky to you, you can start your journey in the jungle of animal prints with accessories. This can be a leopard bag like the one Victoria Beckham is carrying in the picture above or snakeskin boots, like those worn by Rihanna in the photo below.

Remember that pieces with animal print attract attention to the body parts you are wearing them on. If you want to shift the accent to your face, for example, you can consider wearing glasses with an animal print frame.

3. Look for natural colors.

Clothes of striking colors can surely look fabulous, but just like combining several animal prints, wearing brightly colored spots and stripes may require certain knowledge and experience. If you want to feel more confident and comfortable in your “wild” look, go for natural colors close to the actual colors of animal skin. Once you feel more confident, you can experiment with colors.

4. Pair animal prints with monochrome items.

Monochromatic clothes and accessories make the clothing item with animal print stand out. If you combine a leopard skirt with a black top and black shoes, the skirt will become the focus of everyone’s attention. This is exactly what Laura Dern did when putting her outfit together in the picture above.

5. Keep it simple and choose classic shapes.

If combining animal prints with something else is still challenging for you, choose a dress of a classic cut with an animal print of natural color and combine it with simple and elegant monochromatic accessories, or use no accessories at all. These outfits by Jennifer Lopez (above) and Kim Kardashian (below) are good examples of this animal fashion principle.

Begin with the basics, and we’re sure you’ll soon fall in love with animal prints and find more space for spots and stripes in your wardrobe!

Do you have clothes with animal prints in your closet? Which prints are your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

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