“I Got It Right This Time,” Nicolas Cage Was Divorced 4 Times but Didn’t Give Up on Finding “The One”

2 years ago

Like many people, Nicolas Cage has had his own ups and downs in his relationships. But even though he wasn’t lucky enough to find the one who would stick with him through thick and thin, he hasn’t given up and kept on trying. He’s now on his fifth marriage and believes it could finally be the one that has a happy ending.

We at Bright Side admire the courage of those who have the strength to try again and not lose hope, even if they failed several times before. So that’s why we decided to share a peek inside all of Nicolas Cage’s 5 marriages.

In his first marriage, Cage proved he could be a hopeless romantic.

Cage met his first wife, Patricia Arquette, in a restaurant in 1987 where he immediately proposed to her. The then-19-year-old Arquette refused his request, but Cage didn’t take no for an answer and asked her to go on a “quest” for him to complete and then marry her.

Arquette wrote things that she thought were hard to do, like Getting J.D. Salinger’s autograph, stealing a Bob’s Big Boy statue, obtaining a black orchid, and other stuff like that.

Even though to Arquette the quest seemed impossible, she started receiving all the things she asked for, one by one. Even though Cage managed to get all the things from the actress’s list, she still refused to marry him, but he did get a first date with her.

They started dating for a while but eventually split up because it was too soon and too fast for Arquette. Years later, in 1995, she called Cage and said that she was finally ready to get married. However, their marriage didn’t last long and their divorce was finalized in 2001.

Cage’s second marriage lasted only 107 days.

At a party back in 2000, Cage met the daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley. In his own words, he was thunderstruck by her beautiful, soulful eyes, and he instantly fell for her.

Their relationship was not perfect. They got into an unfortunate pattern of breaking up and getting back together, but yet, they somehow managed to tie the knot.

Presley and Cage got married in August 2002 but filed for divorce 3 months later. The divorce was finalized in May 2004.

His third divorce came as a shock to him.

At the age of 40, Cage married 19-year-old Alice Kim only 2 months after they met, mainly so she could travel with him to the set of Lord of War, but also because they loved each other.

His mother-in-law first didn’t approve of their marriage because Kim was 21 years younger than him, but Cage eventually won her over. A year after they tied the knot, Kim and Cage welcomed their son, Kal-El.

Cage and Kim’s 12-year-long marriage came to an end out of the blue and Cage was 54 years old and single again. However, he and Kim stayed friendly, and she even attended his fifth wedding.

Cage’s fourth marriage was his shortest one.

Cage and makeup artist Erika Koike dated a year before tying the knot in 2019 in Las Vegas. Cage realized he made a mistake, and only 4 days later, he filed for an annulment.

Even after 4 failed marriages, Cage didn’t lose hope and tied the knot for the fifth time.

Cage and his wife, Riko Shibata, who is 31 years his junior, met through mutual friends in Japan while Cage was filming Prisoner of the Ghostland. Cage’s 4 previous marriages that ended in divorce didn’t stop him from giving marriage a chance again, and he proposed to Shibata via FaceTime while she was in Japan. She said “yes” and they tied the knot during an intimate gathering ceremony in February 2021.

In an interview, Cage revealed that he’s happily married and that his wife, Shibata, was one of his favorite things in the world. “I know five is a lot, but I think I got it right this time.

What do you think about why Nicolas Cage’s former marriages ended in divorce? Are you the type of person who also rushes into marriages, or do you prefer to take it slow?


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