I Kept Meeting My Birth Mom, but She Didn’t Know It’s Me, I Finally Decided to Open Up to Her

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5 months ago

A 24-year-old man has turned to Reddit to seek advice from people about his life drama. He was given for adoption by his mom, who had him at a very young age. Now, years passed, and the man sees his biological mom every day, and he feels that he loves her with all his heart. He has now made a decision to open up to her, and posted an update about the most dramatic and very emotional event in his life.

The man came to a social network to tell people about his life dilemma.

A man under a nickname nodinnerinvite came to Reddit to tell his life story, which could certainly be an inspiration for some drama movie. He wrote that he’s now 24 years old and in his childhood he was given up for adoption. His mom had him when she was 14. His parents told him about his bio mother when he was growing up. The man revealed that he still has the letter she wrote him that she asked if they could give it to him if they wanted.

The man admitted it was crazy reading it sometimes and knowing it was a literal child who wrote it, saying she’s sorry she couldn’t be his mommy, but she hopes her son is happy. She was open to having contact, but the man’s family moved for his adoptive dad’s job when he was 11, and then it seemed impossible to find her.

But luckily he did.

The adopted child is now all grown up and has a chance to see his mom.

The man wrote that now his mom is working at a small restaurant, and he keeps going, but she doesn’t know it’s him. They even talk sometimes. And she seems like a nice lady to him. Sometimes, when she says something like “do you want a refill, honey” or uses another term like that, he very much wants to tell her. The man revealed that the whole situation makes him nervous. When they happen to have a talk, she seems really genuine.

The man wrote that if it’s not super busy, she’s more open to talking about random stuff. And he literally drives 2 hours to come eat at this place just to see her. And it’s like she knows him already because he’s there once or 2 times a week for the past 3 months so she always says hi with a big smile.

And then the man writes, “But man, if only she knew.”

Inspired by people on Reddit, the man made a crucial decision.

One day, the man told his mother all the truth. And for him, it was pretty heavy. He wrote, “My heart was even beating fast. I kept trying to think how to tell her. Many of the comments on my last post here mentioned writing her a letter, just how she wrote a letter for me. Originally that was the plan, but for me, it felt like I needed to say it.”

He waited for his mother to be done with her shift and that was when they were closing the restaurant already. And waited in the parking lot. They said hi when she saw him first, but then he told her there was something serious that she needed to know. First told her sorry for keeping it from her this long. She didn’t react until he actually pulled out her letter.

The man described his mother’s reaction, writing, “And she started bawling from there. Like screaming and crying at the same time, and didn’t even have to finish the whole ‘I’m your son’ speech. She just saw it and knew. It was crazy. Next thing I know, she’s hugging me instantly, but then she pulled back and asked if it’s okay to hug me. Of course, it is, and we’re just there hugging and crying in the parking lot. It hit her hard, though. Her legs gave out for a second, so I had to actually hold her up while she’s still hugging me for a min.”

What really got him was her saying to him, “look how big you got.” Also, hearing her cry made him cry too. She went back to open the restaurant up (she wouldn’t take no for an answer) and they had coffee, ate a slice of their pie inside and talked. The man wrote, “Soooo much stuff we talked about. She told me the second time I came to the restaurant she got a feeling, but for her, it was hard to believe it was me. So that feeling she had was pushed way down.”

The man’s mom told him the whole story and it shook him to the core.

The man’s mom told him he looked much like his biological dad when he was younger, though. She stayed in contact with his dad in case he ever reached out to one of them so it would be easier to contact the other. She told him about how they wanted to keep him. Especially his biological dad, he didn’t want him to be adopted. But he knew they had to because they were just kids. It took him a long time to get past it after he was born. That’s why he didn’t leave anything because he didn’t want to believe he might not see his kid again.

The man wrote that his mom wanted to know everything about him, but her main thing was if he was happy and if his parents were good to him. If he had a happy childhood. The man told her thank you for helping to give him this life, and they both cried again. She cried the most. Everything was very emotional for her. Sometimes she would look really happy, but then get sad again.

After his 18th birthday, she was hoping he would find her, that’s why she stayed in the same city. But since he didn’t she always thought maybe he resented her, wasn’t told he’s adopted, or maybe had decided it was better not to have her around. It made the man feel bad for not telling her sooner. She asked him if they could have dinner soon to keep talking. And if at some point in the future if he’s interested, come over to her house so he can meet her husband.

They exchanged numbers. After he left, she sent a text telling him thank you for giving her this gift that she didn’t know if it would ever come.

And here’s yet a more dramatic family story of a man who found out that most of his kids are actually not his biological children, and the decision he made was very tough.

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