I Accidentally Discovered That 5 Out of My 6 Kids Aren’t Mine, Here’s the Decision I Made

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7 months ago

A mere accident may turn a life of a person into a pool of happiness or, vice versa, into the biggest nightmare. Our today’s hero is a man, 48, who experienced probably the biggest shock in his life, as a paternity test done by an accident, revealed the shocking truth behind his seemingly happy family life. He wrote a letter where he told us his story, which could’ve become a plot for a drama movie, but is instead a real-life tale with a tough family decision at the end.

The man was living a happy life when an accidental revelation came to his family.

Our today’s hero, who preferred to stay anonymous, shared his life story with us. The man, whose life was suddenly turned upside down, asked us and our subscribers for a piece of advice and told us his complicated story, which went far deeper than infidelity but affected his fatherhood a lot.

The man is 48, and he has a wife, who’s 42, and six kids, aged 22, 20, 18, 16 and 14, with the youngest boy being 2 years old. The man shared that he’s a “crazy dad”, who’s madly in love with his wife and feels a deep love and desire to care about all of his kids.

When their first child was born, the spouses went through a lot of trials, including lack of finance. They had nowhere to live, their parents wouldn’t help them out with their first kid, and that period of time was just one huge challenge for the young family. But they went through all troubles, started their own business, bought a big house and gave life to five more kids together. The man thought of his family as of an absolute ideal of love and mutual understanding, but an accidental ancestry test, which his eldest son did, broke all his hopes.

The eldest son of the family brought devastating news to the dad one day.

One day, the eldest son of the man approached him and said they needed to have a private talk. He asked the man to not worry, and he suddenly felt the overwhelming sense of an approaching trouble. The son’s main hobby has always been finding out details of the family’s genealogy tree. Recently he spoke about his intention to do an ancestry test, just as a part of his hobby and in order to “know more about his roots”. This seemingly harmless intention resulted in a painful revelation for the son.

The test showed that his dad was not related to him in any way, and this news totally broke the young man. He revealed the news to his dad, and the man was literally speechless, trying to find out if there was a chance it could be a mistake. He wrote, “I have never thought of such a drama in my life, and I couldn’t even imagine that my wife would ever cheat on me. All of a sudden, my world fell apart and I sincerely couldn’t figure out how such drama could happen in my own family.”

The man decided to talk to his wife that very same day. He revealed that he hoped for at least some explanation and was even ready to find out that she had been unfaithful to him many years ago. He even supposed that she wasn’t aware of the fact that their eldest son wasn’t his, and he was ready to forgive her, paying tribute to all life trials that they had survived through, always staying the strongest couple ever.

But when he spoke to his wife, she denied everything. She started blaming it all on him, saying that he decided to turn their life into one big drama. The man, however, decided not to stop at that point and went on with paternity tests for the rest of his kids. He didn’t tell his wife about his intentions though.

He wrote, “I had some hope that this was all a mistake, and I didn’t want to cause a stir in my family. But there was something that prompted me to find out the truth, and then, if this all would have turned out to be a mistake, I would’ve spent the rest of my life trying to make my wife forgive me for having doubted her loyalty. But I needed the facts first, so I decided to proceed with my plan.”

What first seemed a mistake took an even more dramatic twist.

The paternity tests for all of his kids brought some shocking results for the man. It turned out, only the youngest boy was his biological son, while the rest of his 5 kids weren’t his. It turned out that all of their kids were from different dads. The news almost killed him, and now he knew there was no mistake. His wife kept silent even after the test results came, and he made a painful decision, which he still hesitates about.

The man wrote, “I decided to include only my biological child into my will. I still love all of my kids, despite the fact they’re not mine biologically. But my wife denies everything, and I don’t want to leave it as is. So, I decided it would be fair if I only included my single son into my will, while the rest of the kids get nothing.”

The man is also considering divorce, and he doesn’t feeling as if he’s doing something wrong. He asked people if they’d do the same, and sincerely hopes for help in finding the answer to his life dilemma. So, we’d love to share our piece of advice with you and are grateful that you’ve shared this delicate issue with us.

Don’t make quick decisions, take time to think it over.

As this matter is extremely delicate and touches not only you and your wife but also your kids and their feelings, try to act as moderately as you can. We understand that you may be feeling deeply upset by the whole situation and the fact that your wife is saying nothing about it. But we’d recommend you speak to the kids first, telling them that, no matter how life has turned out for all of you, you still love them, and the fact that you’re not their biological dad won’t change anything between you.

Your wife prefers to keep silent about the whole thing, and we advise you not to push her into a candid conversation. You’ll make her angry, and this will probably lead to an argument. Let your feelings settle first and then decide about your marriage — whether you’re ready to forgive and live with it or it’s better for both of you to take your own paths in life.

And here’s a story of one woman, whose partner asked her for a paternity test for their son, just out of the blue, and her decision left many people talking.


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